I am a Plus subscriber, but I don't see Plugins in the drop down

I subscribed to Plus a few weeks ago, but I don’t see plugins in the drop down list on the web UI. Am I supposed to do anything to activate it? The waitlist site says: “All ChatGPT Plus users can now access plugins without a waitlist”.

Same question,I hope get plugins as soon as possible.


@Kesku Thank you! Looks like mine just got turned on this morning. Is there a way to mark this question as answered/completed?

My plugin feature has been enabled in beta features today, but I cannot see the plugins available in the top menu and ChatGPT says it cannot access them. Not sure what is going on…

Cut off ChatGPT the May 11th to just use openAI…only to see the news about the plugins the 12th, how about that. I signed right back up for a let down but 5 billing months and no waitlist isn’t too fun. Especially while seeing others brag about not being developers but signing up for a week having everything available to them. Patience isn’t always passiveness I guess. Hope everyone gets the features soon!


Got it this morning surprisingly, still no openAI gpt4 access, no playgrounds gpt4 selections other. Why just plugins and a web search in a mixed bag. It’s literally stopping me from spending more! :sweat_smile:

As for May 18: at the left panel - click to your account (your name) and open Settings. From Settings, open “Beta features” and enable Web-browsing and Plugins. After that in New Chat, select GPT-4 and from a dropdown menu enable Web or Plugins and confirm. Plugin dropdown will appear and you will need to select and install desired plugins.

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The problem is I dont have this drop down menu where you are supposed to see plugins and or select,install plugins, I only have the toggle to turn on plugins under settings ,but no real plugins to use as a plus subscriber, does everyone face same issue?

I had the same issue and had the chat history disabled. When enabled it back the drop-down menu appeared magically under gpt-4 button !

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It has been working for a while now. I believe the delay was part of the rollout process.

Thank you for the quick response Kesku. If there is a “list” of Plus users to get on per the Beta Plugins, I would love to get on it. Yoursocialcreditscore@gmail.com is my ChatGPT user name. Thank you in advance.