Can't register my plugin - Install an unverified plugin option missing

the docu says * Select the plugin model from the top drop down, then select “Plugins”, “Plugin Store”, and finally “Install an unverified plugin” or “Develop your own plugin”.
But i just can select an existing one. there is no registering button


“Develop your own plugin” is the one and you need to start your local instance and enter localhost:portnumber

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@compunited I believe your issue is described here: post Install Unverified Plugin - Everyone Should Have Access to This

It will help if you reply to that original post so that OpenAI can recognize it as a high-priority issue.

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I have the same issue. I can select an existing plugin but there is no option to “develop your own plugin” or “install an unverified plugin” as stated in the documentation (“Running a plugin” section of Is the documentation out of date? Has the development option moved somewhere else in the UI? I can select existing plugins from the store.


I have the same issue. I signed up, upgraded to ChatGPT Plus, and visited chat-openai-com. I can select ChatGPT4, I can enable Plugins (Beta) in the settings, and I can view the registered plugins in the plugin store. But I do not see, anywhere, “Develop your own plugin” or “install an unverified plugin.” What do I need to do to be able to get access to those options?


Sounds like you’re a victim of A/B testing.

Give it a couple days?


Exact same issue here, very frustrating. I have no options to either “develop your own plugin” or “install an unverified plugin”.

Have been Plus member since few months and registered on Plugin waitlist since it started (never got accepted). Also, contacted support using their chat yesterday (“give feedback”) but no change still.

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See my post at the top. I think it may be related.

Hei @kc1967 do you mean the fact the Org needs to be set to enabled?

I’m experiencing the same issue. When I open the plugin store, those options don’t appear. I’ll stay tuned to the thread in case they provide a solution.

@davidD and @sgraphics

Check out this post Install Unverified Plugin - Everyone Should Have Access to This

Add a reply to let TPTB know this is a priority!

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@wfhbrian - I don’t think it’s the same issue. People in this thread are not even able to see the button to “develop their own plugin” or “install unverified plugins”. Your thread is about sharing unverified plugins (which, btw, should be straight forward if access to the repo and plugin definition is done.

While I appreciate the security provided by the authentication setup, I am seeking a more private solution. I would like my plugins to remain undiscoverable to the general public, with installation access granted only to those with whom I have shared a specific link.

So let’s keep pounding here to figure out how to submit our own first ;).

I still believe it is the same thing. Being able to install unverified plugins requires the same permissions as developing your own plugin does. Both are currently inaccessible to Plus users.

You need to be on the ChatGPT plugins waiting list to obtain developer permissions, after which you can install unverified plugins. Please note that access to plugins is currently available to Plus users for usage, not developer permissions. Developer permissions still require application."

Just to clarify the comment by @spawnlfmp … OpenAI updated their Plugin Waitlist page (ChatGPT Plugins waitlist). It now says, “If you are a developer who has ChatGPT plus and you are interested in making a plugin, please fill out the form below.” That said, I am a developer with ChatGPT Plus and filled out the waitlist awhile ago because I have a plugin I have built that I am ready to integration test and … no plugin dev access yet.

Developer permissions for ChatGPT plugins have a separate waiting list. Once your application is approved, you will obtain both the permissions you mentioned.


Yes, it requires patience to wait. When you are removed from the waiting list, you will obtain the ChatGPT plugins developer permissions.

I’m in the same boat, Plus user on the waitinglist. I already have the plugin ready, and I have OpenAI API credits that will expire in 2 weeks. Really frustrating.

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I am experiencing the same thing here. I am a software developer who joined the wait list weeks and weeks ago. I can see the plugin store and the dashboard, but do not see the “Develop Your Own Plugin”

There is an open issue for this on the openai quickstart repo


Indeed thats the issue: github com/openai/plugins-quickstart/issues/12