Tried every solution under the sun to the "Something Went Wrong" error and nothing works. Haven't been able to use ChatGPT in two weeks

I haven’t been able to use ChatGPT ever since I moved to Windows 11. Does anyone know what could be going on? I used to access ChatGPT every day. Ever since I upgraded to Windows 11 and formatted my PC, I’ve been met with a “Something went wrong. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at” message right off the bat. The website wasn’t helpful, and my messages to the OpenAI team have fallen on deaf ears. I have tried:

  • Using other computers or devices. It works in all of them, except mine. This includes other computers in my household and my mobile phone.
  • Changing my Wi-Fi network. Nada. The error occurs in both stable and unstable networks.
  • Making a new OpenAI account. Did not fix the issue.
  • Turning off shields, Windows security and VPN. No avail.
  • Using a different browser Went from Brave (Chromium-based) to Edge. Issue persisted. Same with Firefox.
  • Changing my VPN location to other countries (UK, United States, Canada, France, etc). Did not work.
  • Clearing cookies and cache. Did not help.
  • Turning off all extensions. Nuh-uh.

At this point, I don’t know what to do. OpenAI’s support won’t give me an answer so I’m hoping you guys can help me with this problem.

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Usually when I press F5 it works

Of course this was one of the first things I did. It did not work. Once again— nothing’s passed through in the past two weeks


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I have the same issue. On my gaming PC on windows 11, Chart GPT never works. Please post solution if you have resolved your issue.