An error occurred. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at

I have all the things listed in the discord for help with this problem. I have also sent an email, but no reply. Will there soon be a fix to this?

Support has been pretty busy. They will get back to you when they can.

OpenAI’s status page shows that things are working at the moment. It might be helpful if you provided additional details about this issue e.g.

Which product are you using when this error occurs?

Is there any additional error text that will tell us more about the problem?

What action are you taking when this error occurs?

If you open the website in a new tab does the error go away?


@josephfrusetta is correct. Since it’s in Beta, user may counter issues while using it. Thanks @josephfrusetta for sharing OpenAI 's status page.


I keep getting the same error no matter what I enter. Has there been a fix for this or is there a list of things I should check?


I’m having the same issue. I’m unable to send anything to ChatGPT. It just gives me this error once I press send.

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I have the same issue

Error: “Something went wrong. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at”

I only get this error when I am using my laptop and on both Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. It works fine on my mobile over the same WiFi.

It has been like this for a couple of months.

I have tried the following but none worked:

  • cleared site data
  • Clear Cache & Cookies of Broswer
  • Disable Browser Extensions
  • Use VPN
  • Restarted my PC
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So all of a sudden I have this error while using version 4. If this problem does not get fixed soon, I am unsubscribing. I am not wasting 20 dollars on a product with a problem that it seems not being addressed by the devs.



This is a developer forum. There’s literally no one here who can do anything about any problems you have.

Nor does anyone here care if you unsubscribe to ChatGPT Plus.

You are in the wrong place—you are screaming into a void.

If you’re getting an error the best thing you can do is follow the instructions the error gave you:

Contact the help center at

Or don’t.

Again we aren’t OpenAI, we can’t help you and aren’t emotionally invested in what you do or don’t do.

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Has anyone figured out how to fix this issue? I’m having the same problem

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If it’s a device-specific issue, check your antivirus and malware. Webprotection “on” results in this chatgpt malfunction. I use NordVPN and when I turned off the webprotection the issue was solved. Not sure about other antivirus software.

Interestingly, with webprotection “on” the malfunction/error message occurs with Chrome, Edge, and Brave but not with Firefox. So, if you would prefer not to turn off your webprotection, then use Firefox.

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Also turned off Web Protection on NordVPN and that solved the problem!


I just signed up for 4.0 version and am getting the “Something went wrong” message. I have tried every suggestion I have found on this and similar forums. Nothing has worked. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!

The developer forum is not the correct place for ChatGPT support, please use for helpful tips and you can also make use of the support bot in the bottom right hand corner image

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