Is it possible to change my email address?

Is it possible to change your email? Is it possible to change your email? Is it possible to change your email?

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You cannot change your email address at this time.

There is no public roadmap for when or even if you will ever be able to.

First, you should understand that ChatGPT is safe for use, ChatGPT uses your email for verification purposes and will not sell out your information.

Unfortunately, there’s currently no way to change your primary email address on ChatGPT, you might consider deleting your current ChatGPT account and then signing up for a new one using a new email address, you can still use your current phone number to complete the process. The maximum number of accounts per phone number is two.

You can follow this guide for how to delete ChatGPT account.

There is a solution.
You create a new account and invite this account as a member from here:

Then you make the new account owner and that’s it.

You can use three accounts with one phone number according to the latest version of the help pages:

How many times can I use my phone number to create OpenAI accounts?
Using a phone number for OpenAI accounts is like a punchcard: it’s good for creating only 3 accounts. After that, it can’t be used again even if you’ve deleted either account.

Can I reuse the same phone number I had before for additional accounts?
If you previously deleted your account, you will be able to reuse the same phone number for a new account under a different email.

Just use the 2 or 3 accounts you already have and if necessary delete one of them before creating a new one.

Please contact the support team over on (chat bot icon bottom right corner) let them know you wish to change email address and leave your current contact details.