Wrongfully deactivated chatgpt plus accounts

I, along with my two other colleagues, got their accounts suspended at the same time from the Chatgpt Plus subscription. The associated emails of the OpenAI accounts were “redacted by moderator”. We used the same credit card to make the payment. We used it for a while for work purposes with no malicious prompt or anything. We do not understand why the accounts get suspended. We already had a back and forth with the support team but no actions were taken from their side.

Since the forum isn’t letting me insert a third email, I am adding it here: redacted by moderator

Your personal information posted to the forum doesn’t allow us to help you. This is a developer forum for programmers of AI services, and none of your fellow users can access your account.

You are correct that banned accounts are extremely unlikely to be reversed, whatever the justification or automatic detection reason may be.

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Welcome to the developer forum,

The developer forum is not the correct place for ChatGPT support. Please use the help.openai.com website, where you can make use of the support bot in the bottom right hand corner.