This has to be one of the most aggravating attempts to contact support in my life

It says “Click the chat bubble to initiate support” well guess what, THERE IS NO CHAT BUBBLE ON THE LOWER RIGHT OF MY SCREEN. ITS GONE. I HAVE CHECKED PHONE BROWSER, TWO DIFFERENT COMPUTERS, incognito tabs, delete cache, and that damnable chat bubble is NOT THERE. SO unbelievably frustrating. I see pictures of people showing it, like oh you just missed it, its at the bottom right NOPE, its not. There is NO little black chat window at And then I have a glimmer of hope, according to the FAQ, just log into the API and click the help button. Oh the Help button is completely unresponsive on all browsers? literally does nothing when clicked? what is going on?? I am about to have an aneurysm :frowning:

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Try this to get to the Intercom agent:

  1. Don’t spoof your user-agent
  2. Go to
  3. Press login, and authenticate
  4. Press “API”
  5. In your account, press help

That should launch the helpdesk messenger.

If that fails, you can go to other customization you might have placed into the browser, higher levels of privacy, 3rd party cookies, etc. and see what is disrupting communications.

When I press help, nothing, the browser try donwload a file … I tried with 2 browsers, this is my worst experience in last 5 years (yep, I saw worst)