Please stand by bla bla bla

This is very annoying, I am a plus subscriber and since Sunday 16th of April I cannot access from either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Firefox, which I normally don’t use, is working - so is also cellphone and tablet.

I have cleared cache and cookies, followed all steps provided by Chat bot from help section. Nothing happens when I refresh my browser, I have tried for three days now.

Please stand by, while we are checking your browser…

Chat help bot wants me to login to /signup but I cannot sign out or sign in, I am stuck somewhere!

As a test, can you try Incognito mode in Chrome, there could be an extension installed that is causing this odd behaviour. As it is working in Firefox and on a mobile device it seems fairly certain that this is down to some 3rd party application connected to chrome and/or chromium (the engine behind chrome and edge and brave, etc.)

Unfortunately I get the same message

I have also tried CTRL + R, CTRL + F5

I have seen this issue on a number of peoples systems, several had success by uninstalling chrome and reinstalling, seemed to fix some broken component, if you decide to go down this route, please back up your password store (if you use this functionality)

Thank you sir!

It helped, it took a couple of minutes but suddenly “verify you’re a human” came up 3-4 times like it tried to push me over an edge and suddenly I got a chance to login again :pray: