They take money and bring good result thanks to help from community [SOLVE SORRY ON BIG WORDS]!

i edit this post
i was relly mad that is not avileble

BUT one thing must important than Service is Community members like @jochenschultz make me change my mind 180 degree , So I really appreciate it, and really thank you both for the time and for the knowledge you gave me, I really appreciate it, and don’t take it for granted and more than that if you ask me what is better a good service or a good communitymembers like @jochenschultz that helps like in my case, I choose the community SO BIG THANKS and have nice day :slight_smile:

What exactly is your question to the developer community of openai?

Any tipps on API usage or how to prompt?

If you want to talk to openai guys go here:

If you don’t say what your problem is nobody will be able to help you. And I for myself don’t feel like I need some real human to talk to. everything is pretty good documented or else you can find answers here.

Any problems with payment, or you didn’t get access to anything? You have to use the help center and you have to wait…


I only understand some of what you mean… I think… to paraphrase… You don’t feel like you are getting what you are paying for… but you are not clear 9n what your expectations are… if you could provide more details someone may be able to help you… If you are looking for a refund this is not the place… we are all paying customers like you… developers… But still customers in a sense … we are not staff . And the staff that is here are here as moderators … I will be glad to help you to the extent of my abilities… But I need to know exactly what your issue is (technical issue as again I am in no position to offer a refund or even hint at what the official reply may be and you talk fairly litigious)

I expect help from your help bot, from a company that currently owns the most advanced technology in bots. I don’t expect disconnections in my face while he realizes that I was filtered!!!
If he directs me to a link for a waiting list and there is no order list in the link even though the bot says yes and that I present this claim to him, he simply closes the conversation, I thought to myself and it seems to me really disrespectful and offensive
And makes me want to pee on your servers even if you will be perfect I will always expect similar technology from a different source
It’s just not fun being a customer of a company without service
And also there is the service of crooked answers
And they don’t meet their obligations, which is the minimum when there is no one to talk to, idiots
And sorry in advance for all the swearing, it’s just really fun to treat you in such a way after the deep conversations with this thing you call a service

Lol . Well… if you keep talking to fellow devs like we are staff and not addressing the people that actually work here there is a strong chance your issue will never be addressed … and no fault of Openai… see… YOU . Seem to be under the assumption that I work here or am in anyway capable of addressing your issues beyond telling you to contact customer service… THIS … this entire app/ chatroom however you access it. Is where developers come to bounce ideas off each other… this is not the technical support or customer service area… But . If you follow the proper channels outlined in this… you will probably get the help you are looking for… How can I contact support? | OpenAI Help Center

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thank man i follow belive me
if not follow i never was so angrey!!
they dont seems to be care i try to go in all ways but mail
and i dont need answer that in 2 weeks we tell you more 2 weeks
zero trust here !!!
100M user want to know simple date relese!!!
its hard ask ???
100M pepole have the rhgit to plain they project and take jobs by this date !!
and they give this to only few that take all edvantage in new fielld !!!
this is suck
and this is why i want pee on their server


I am sorry that your experience has been less than perfect, please email or use the support bot at (bottom right corner chat icon and select your issue and leave your contact details)

This forum is not the place to obtain account problem help.

Please keep posts here professional and respectful, we are all volunteers trying to build this community into something great, and we do not have the ability to influence policies at OpenAI.


how you can get idea ?? with no product to try ???
or maybe i need to give idea to 3 selected close too openAI friend
that want to drink all community idea and get advantege point to youre friends
oy AMERICA you so naive

I make programs… Aichat on GitHub lets you plug your API into it and use .yaml files to create prompts which are like personalities… you can break that code down fairly easily and convert it in your IDE of choice … then plug the snippets into other projects… I use it in games since my job has no real world application for chatgpt yet (other ML for sure but due to regulations I can’t use it for my job just yet)

you in the rhgit derection
thank a lot to jochenschultz
he open my eyes to a lot more …
try to think in youre way but more datailed resulosions
like micro services (in @jochenschultz words thanke again man !!!)
i manage to find api for my fivorate project they have frontend and API of them to give the server command to build agants and all of that
let him the docs of youre API project(NOT OPENAI API!!! API OF GITHUB PROJECT)
and project with mix models (by field of interest ) can give you even better result from GPT 4
i was so so angry that 4 nut come out yet
but my friend here @jochenschultz explain me in very detail how you can get same or better result and with 3.5 (90% less money on API with mix models even LESS)
so this 4 not came out yet is not so big deal after all
if you need help you can reach me and i try pass you the mind of How to approach
like @jochenschultz help me, he know better and he is my source for that
so anyway the credit go to him


You are more than welcome. Was a pleasure to talk to you!

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