May I get access to the gpt4 api?

Dear OpenAI,

I joined the waitlist first day but I am still waiting for the gpt4 api access.
I have 200+ customers are waiting for the GPT4 access, could you please hlep me get the access?


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Hey champ
This is the developer community forum, if you want to contact OpenAI’s costumer service you can use the following link:

Be prepared to wait for multiple months, if you use the search function on the forum you will find a lot of people in the same situation as you.

i received access many weeks ago to gpt 4 but i don’t know how to use it please help

There’s a quick start guide here:

And the playground

Hey do you have any programming experience? Basically it’s a key to access gpt4 api that you can plug in to your program.

ok. Out of curiosity do you already have it?

No I do not. I thought I was just on the waitlist to get gpt4 for free. I don’t know how I got selected so soon on March 28th

on the options of models for the playground i am not seeing gpt4. Sorry i do not know any programming.

Ah you are so lucky! If you are not using it, may I buy your account? I can offer a good price if you feel ok to do so, send me an email

I do not think that’s allowed by open ai sorry.

Unfortunately not. I’m in the same boat as you my friend, I signed up on day one and got a “you’re on the waitlist email”.
I’ve heard nothing since.

The waitlist seem’s like a complete lottery

You cannot purchase an account, it will get flagged and banned almost immediately.

What you can do is rent a Microsoft Azure instance that will give you access to gpt-4

Be warned, it’s expensive :laughing:


That’s perfectly fine, thanks anyway!

not gonna lie I kind of said I was gonna use it to solve like world hunger. lol :laughing:

Damn champ, you made some commitment there, here’s how GPT thinks that is going to play out :laughing:

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Hey yuting how finally you made to access gpt4 api?

Unfortunately, that link is just another waitlist, one solely for people who are already Azure customers:

This form is intended for existing Azure OpenAI customers to join the waitlist for access to the GPT-4 model (preview) in the Azure OpenAI Service.

Took me 7 weeks to get access to DALL*E last summer, only been 4 weeks on this one, so… trying to be patient. :slight_smile:


Good information!

I’m in the same camp, signed up on day one, still waiting too

What OpenAI is really asking a user to do is to click the message icon in the lower right then send a message. Yes it says


What can I say.

I think has given me PTSD, every time I see “contact support” I’m getting this feeling of existential dread :rofl: