GPT-4 Waitlist. How much it takes to get off a waitlist?

Hello everyone! It’s great to be here with all of you. I recently submitted my waitlist application and am wondering how long it will take to get off the waitlist.
I’ve submitted at the 15th march


Hey @pythonyy1, did you get accepted yet? If so, would you please share how long it took.

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I’m still waiting @TimBaum at least I got approved to Bing Ai on 5 days at least something :slightly_smiling_face:

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I also applied on the day it was released. I still haven’t received any response from them yet.

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I waited for half a month to use GPT-4. If there is any suggestion now, I would recommend applying to increase the maximum usage limit during the waiting period. $120 is really not enough.

I tried to ask them on support, but they didn’t answer for some weeks now… I guess they are only giving it to special peoples or something I guess

This is now probably one of the largest services on the internet. You can see in the Help Center that they say “currently facing an unprecedented demand,” so slow response times are normal.

GPT-4 is very professional, but it also seems to require a lot of computational resources, which is evident from its token pricing. It has not been made available for open use like GPT-3. Even those who have already applied need to continue applying to increase their usage quota and API speed.

It is likely that they are prioritizing requests based on computational resource availability, so once there are enough resources and public testing is feasible, everyone should be able to use it like GPT-3.

The GPT-4 rollout is slow due to the above mentioned unprecedented demand. Please hang tight, it could be weeks/months before it is available to everyone.


me too. no response and no updates on the company blog about APIs or plugins.

Hi, I need GPT4 API to create an App… When I signed up I register as a user interested in the tech but not for developing, just researching. Do you think this will impact my wait time? Is there a way I can change these settings?

I’m also wondering. My friend got GPT4 months later than me but got accepted almost right away and I’m still on the waitlist

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It would be nice if they could give a rough estimate of how long, it’s not a hard thing to give people. I think if we get told it’s 6 months, people will wait and not have to chase support to find out.

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I tried to get on the wait-list I think a month or two ago, and I don’t even know if I’m on it, when they literally don’t send any email at all.

Hi @logankilpatrick sorry to bother you mate but do you know if we should have got a confirmation email after we joined the waithing list? :thinking:

Because i didn’t get anything despite i joined the day it was announced too and probably i did join again a few days later when i didn’t see any confirmation email.


OpenAI doesn’t send confirmation emails for waitlist’s anymore, as long as you completed the waitlist form on the website you should be good :laughing:

I hope that helps :heart:

Hello for people who are asking if there is any email confirmation or somethings else, I just joined the api waitlist and I received an email confirmation by openAI
Here a look of the mail :

Thank you for joining the waitlist to build with [GPT-4]

To balance capacity with demand, we’ll be sending invites gradually over time.

While we ramp up, invites will be prioritized to developers who have previously build with the OpenAI API. You can also gain priority access if you contribute model evaluations to [OpenAI Evals] that get merged, as this will help us improve the models for everyone.

Once you’re off the waitlist, you’ll receive an email with further instructions on how to get started. We will process requests for the 8K and 32K models at different rates based on capacity, so you can expect to receive 8K access first.

We appreciate your interest, and look forward to having you build with GPT-4 soon. In the meantime, we suggest getting started with gpt-3.5-turbo, the model powering ChatGPT.

– The OpenAI Team

So I think if you guys don’t get that types of mail after joining the waitlist maybe you haven’t been accepted or don’t fully put information on the waitlist join.
For your information the informations with an " * " are obligatory.

Actually applied again and received a confirmation email. However after form submission the success feedback isn’t that visible on the page.
Hope not to wait other six months to join now

I’m still waiting despite getting on the waitlist day 2! :sleeping::sleepy:

I wouldn’t mind but I’m a paying customer.

is it at all possible that my VPN can stop me from gettin this GPT 4 APIi from this wait list ?

No they receive only a message what you have applied. there is no reason for they to use you’re location for something

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