GPT-4 Waitlist. How much it takes to get off a waitlist?

Hello everyone! It’s great to be here with all of you. I recently submitted my waitlist application and am wondering how long it will take to get off the waitlist.
I’ve submitted at the 15th march

Hey @pythonyy1, did you get accepted yet? If so, would you please share how long it took.

Similar question here.
I read that they do prioritise “big players” (developers that contribute exceptional model evaluations to OpenAI Evals), so I am wondering if a small time dev like me ever would get access.

I really would love to get API access to the GPT v 4, since the API GPT v 3 does not return the type of response returned by chatGPT (which is v 4 as far I understand)


I’m still waiting @TimBaum at least I got approved to Bing Ai on 5 days at least something :slightly_smiling_face: