The Plus plan is not available after payment

“I subscribed to the 52-week ChatGPT 4.0 plan earlier today. At 9:19 AM Taiwan time, I was charged $39.99. The payment, subscription, and usage processes were all successful. However, upon attempting to log in with my Google account, I found that my access to the paid plan had been revoked, and there was no record of my usage for today.”

This sounds bad!
Did you purchase the subscription at or from another website/app?

Yes, I purchased it from chat.openai website. The Plus plan was available in the morning and afternoon, but now I can’t use it in the evening.

However, I found the AI performance to be subpar when I used it today.

I hope it can be restored as soon as possible, and I hope others are not experiencing this issue :blush:

The issue is that OpenAI does not offer a 52-week plan under this price. The available plans for regular users are based on a monthly subscription at USD 20.

It seems that you have purchased something from a third party. :frowning:


If you can share where you purchased the subscription and it is indeed a fraudulent offer we will forward it to the official OpenAI team to hopefully prevent this from happening to others in the future.

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I apologize for my mistake. Upon reviewing my order, I realized the error. In my haste and need for assistance while coding, I intended to purchase ChatGPT. However, I accidentally bought ASK AI because the interfaces looked quite similar, and I underestimated how exhausted I was.

Please accept my apologies once again.

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Thank you for your reminder.

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