GPT Plus not working after payment during the error on May 3, 00:18 PDT

I upgraded to GPT Plus while there was an error on May 3, 00:18 PDT. I clicked on the upgrade plan approximately five minutes before, filled in the credentials, and clicked purchase. The purchase happened successfully, and right after that, I found out there was an error and the website did not work properly.

The website thinks I am a free user, but when I click to upgrade to Plus, I see my paid subscription.

I found only one closed topic (GPT Plus not working after payment) about this from a year ago. There is a link to a help center, which no longer exists.

I attempted to log out and log in, and it did not work. So far, I have received no email about the transaction after almost an hour.

Can somebody help me with this problem, please?

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I received an email about a subscription right now after more than an hour of waiting. The subscription is working now.

I can use my ChatGPT [GPT-4] but GPT-4 saying, “Nope! I’m not GPT-4, I’m based on GPT-3.5 architecture. My knowledge cut-off is January 2022”

Why that’s happening?