Plus subscription, but API still not working for chatgpt4

I just paid for Plus, but still when I’m trying to make request with param model:‘gpt-4’ have the error:
“The model: gpt-4 does not exist”
So is it bug or what? If not, why you din’t write very straight that Plus subscription will not give access to API and it is a very bad user experience :frowning:

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I think you must change the category of your issue and contact the team.

ChatGPT plus and the OpenAI API are two different products, you can purchase one without the other, chatGPT plus is a subscription that gives you access to GPT-4 through the website. The API is a “pay as you go” service that gives you access to a range of different models, an API call is a request made by one software system to another, you don’t need API access unless you’re trying to integrate OpenAI’s services into some other software.
Hope that helps :laughing:


Yes, I need exactly API access. Well, then I will unsubscribe…

Always happy to help!

You may already have some free API credits on your account, I’ll suggest you get started here:

Yep, I already have some code implemented and using 3.5 and decided to upgrade to Plus to get access to 4 by API. But I didn’t find any clear information if it is related or not. Now it is clear, hope it will avoid other users to make same mistake

Ahh, I’m sorry, I think I completely misunderstood your question, as far as I believe the only way to gain access to the GPT-4 API specifically is through the waitlist or by submitting evals on GitHub.

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