Downgraded from ChatGPT plus TO free

I subscribed to ChatGPT Plus last month and when I open it today and i found my account it now under chatgpt free. what can I do to rectify this issue.

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@manjula Hey you might want to have a look here Why is my Plus subscription not appearing? | OpenAI Help Center.

I did that the moment I noticed my plan has been downgraded. AI Bot is not helpful. I send them an email to and not getting any response either.

One mistake I made was just logging in from my work Google account instead of the one I paid Plus on. Have you tried checking that you’re logged in from the right account?

Yes, I only have one account with ChatGPT.

Well, all ChatGPT plus subscribers have been downgraded, since the latest updates, ChatGPT4 is no better than the free GPT3.5. Please give us back the former model.