Issues with the service. No help from the team.

After successfully using the free version of ChatGPT, I paid for a plus subscription for my Google account, which I used to normally log into the service. About a week later, I lost my subscription. After not receiving a response for a couple of weeks, I decided to delete the account. I thought it might be a problem associated with the Google account and not with OpenAI’s services, so I decided to use another email account and re-register as an OpenAI user, instead of using a Microsoft or Google account, and I paid again. But to my surprise, the new account with a plus subscription is much more limited than the free version that you can use with your Google account, and you have to pay in order to use the API.

Honestly, I feel completely scammed. I have paid twice in less than fifteen days and I cannot use the API that I previously used for free. I have to acquire a new phone number and a new account, in addition to having lost money.

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I’m not sure if there is some confusion here with ChatGPT and the the API which allows access to the various GPT models, they are not the same product and have different billing systems.

When you say your plus subscription is more limited, in what way?