The GPT naming issue violates the trademark, but actually not

I am developing a GPT to assist with the usage of my library. I plan to name it “Betalgo OpenAI .NET SDK Guide”, as my library is called Betalgo OpenAI .NET SDK. However, I can’t publish it because it violates naming rules and raises trademark concerns. I checked the store and found that some GPTs are allowed to use the OpenAI name in their titles. How can I get permission to use it? I can’t think of a way to describe my GPT without using the OpenAI or .NET word because it is literally an OpenAI SDK.

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You’ll probably want to consider changing the name of your library as it’s infringing in the OpenAI trademark and could confuse users into believing it is an official SDK from OpenAI.

My library is already in the Community Libraries, which has passed a brief review by OpenAI officials. They didn’t mention an issue with the name. Also, most of the community and official libraries use the OpenAI name because how else can you describe that this is an SDK for OpenAI APIs without mentioning OpenAI?

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By using the word for.

I’d think something like,

Betalgo .NET SDK for OpenAI

would be better—and more in line with brand guidelines.

I’m not a lawyer and I’m not your lawyer.

I don’t know what (if any) process OpenAI currently has in place for listing libraries on the community library page.

It could be a case of one hand (legal) not knowing what the other hand (approving community libraries) is doing here.

I’d suggest, at a minimum, seeking clarification and guidance from OpenAI on the issue as it would be less painful to make a change now rather than later.

Regardless, OpenAI specifically disallows the use of trademarks which are not your own in GPT names,

A GPT may not use another organization’s trademark in its name or logo unless they are authorized to do so. Builders must verify their domain in order to use many common trademarks and OpenAI may reactively enforce this for others if reported.

Including “OpenAI” in your GPT name has the potential to confuse users into believing your GPT is affiliated with OpenAI.