The email you provided not supported?

I cannot sign-up on openai. I live in the US, I am not using a VPN, and my email address has never been pwned according to the haveibeenpwned website.

If I try to sign up with my @outlook .com email address and a password it says to try again later.

If I use the sign-up with my microsoft account it then says “The email you provided is not supported”

I have been trying for several days in Edge, Chrome, and Firefox and I have cleared cache and cookies many times. I want to buy the plus subscription, and build a project with the API but I cannot even sign-up despite trying every day for a week. Any ideas? I’m desperate.

Funny, it let me create an account on community.openai .com so I can post this but not on openai .com so I can get chatgpt plus.

Try to check your timezone.
In microsoft account, they have issue in timezone.

I am having the same issue. Please can someone from the OpenAi team help resolve this. I tried the helpcenter and .


Did you tried using mobile data? Try open another email from different location then it might work

Since there aren’t hundreds a day joining in on this topic, it would seem to be the combination of the browser, browser security or privacy policies or extensions, or organization proxy you are using in particular.

If you’d want the symptom to be reproducible by OpenAI were they to discover this topic, a full report of all these browser details, access method, etc would be required.

I’m surprised that you haven’t tried a different updated browser or machine elsewhere simply to see that yes, you can create an account in a conventional manner on expected platform.