Problem with signing in to playground

i cant sign into sites. it loops between “Please stand by, while we are checking your browser…” and a captcha.

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sorry if this is the wrong forum but i cant find any one for bugs.


first of all try to open a incognito-window and login there again. It might has something to do with your cookies or that you get bounced by Cloudflare.

Second I’d try to use a different device to see if it’s something related to your Account or to the device your’e using.

If those two steps don’t help there would be the third option to contact the OpenAI support:

Hey, it does work on my phone but it’s really inconvenient. I tried incognito but no luck. I’ll try contacting them. Thank you!

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Oh I just thought of a third way, you can also try to switch your Browser :slight_smile:

im facing the same problem. did you get any solution?

Can’t sing in to open ai even using my phone number can’t be accepted

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me too . I’m trying another numbers but without sucess.