The email you provided is not supported


I am trying to create/login an account on chatgpt and I always have the same issue: "The email you provided is not supported ". I tried with hotmail,com , gmail,com and outlook,com and always have the same issue.
The chat helper from OpenAI Help Center doesn’t help at all because there is no way to write your problem and only follow their automatic answers.

Someone can help me out?


Are you living in the supported countries?

If Yes, Try using the mobile data instead of using wifi. Your IP might have some issue. See if that works.

If you have email that doesn’t have phone number in it, try add a phone number. Then try again with the incognito mode.

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Yes I am (Belgium) and I have friends using the AI :smiling_face_with_tear:

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yes, exactly the same issue here, I’m living in Japan.

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Same problem here! (The Netherlands)

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Same for me, I’m in the U.S. Here’s more info in case there’s any similarities in our situations…

  • If I try to sign up with an email address and password, it says no signups at this time.

  • Trying to sign up with my Microsoft login (for the same email address I tried above) gives me the “e-mail not supported” error.

— Since I read that a phone number is required to create an account, and I didn’t have one listed in my email profile, I added one in case “email not supported” was a generic error message. Still no luck.

— Microsoft sent me a notification that the OpenAI app has connected to my email account & can see my profile. So, I tried logging in as a returning user. Same error message.

— I have an Authenticator app that I use to sign in to my email address…it comes up each time and asks if I want to allow the login. I approve it & did receive the email letting me know OpenAI has access to my profile now. Still, I’m not sure if that’s affecting anything…?

— Only other thing I can think of is that I’m on an iPhone and I think there’s a VPN setting.

Maybe “email not supported” is a generic (nonspecific & therefore unhelpful :sweat_smile:) response that in this case really means “no signups at this time, try again later” :smirk:


I have the same problem too (UK) - I am using a address and have tried via my iPhone and via my Macbook using Chrome, with the same response - “The email you provided is not supported”.

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Same exact problem. Signed up using Microsoft Account. Live in US. Authenticated the MS account. Shared my profile with openai. Then got the " Oops! The email you provided is not supported" message.

Using Windows 10. Tried with incognito mode browser as well.

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What device are you using to sign up? Have you tried a different one? I wonder if they are running some checks to prevent people from creating multiple accounts and it’s causing this problem.

Based on @Tiana’s post I am also leaning towards a mishandled error.

I tried on pc, laptop and cellphone and with chrome-firefox and Edge

@Ainsworth Have you tried using a completely different unused computer/device with a completely different unused email?

@corwinc Are you using an actual phone number? Or are you using some sort of VOIP phone service?

Considering that people afaik are still able to create accounts, there MUST be some sort of trail/flag that’s unintentionally being left when you guys try to create an account.

About the unused email, yes i did ( I created a new one) but about an unused computer it wasnt exactly unused (tried on 3 different computers).

PS: I was able, 2 minutes ago, to create an account with a new gmail account (don’t know why it worked)

So it all works now? Out of the blue?

If you’re willing to take the risk - what happens if you were to logout of your good account, and try logging back into a bad account?

@RonaldGRuckus It’s an actual phone number that is attached to my Microsoft account. It’s a Verizon Wireless number. When I signed up or tried logging in it doesn’t ask for my phone number. But it does authenticate with Microsoft account and I have to approve allowing OpenAI access to my account. I also received an email that says "OpenAI API connected to the Microsoft account ****

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Ok. This is going to be such a long shot because I honestly don’t know.

What happens if you put the e-mail that you’re trying to use here?

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I am facing the same issue too. I keep facing the same error message. I have asked someone else who has an account to try log on using my laptop and it logs on but none of the email accounts I have including my gmail and hotmail sign up or log on. I have received a notification from Microsoft stating that my account has a new app accessing my data so surely it should work but it isn’t.

Also, as it works with a different account in the same settings I presume clearing cache or using a vpn does not really solve the problem.

Could someone please help resolve this issue?

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Have you tried creating a new email account somewhere like Gmail?

Yes I created a new gmail account and have faced the same issue again, the same error message appears.
Also, the person who has successfully logged on has mentioned that they did not open a new account.

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Unless you’re looking at another post?
When you attempted with your brand new account did you use the Google Sign in provider?

I was actually friend to my friend who tried logging on the ChatGPT using my laptop, they do not have any problem when logging on/signing up. With regards to your question Yes, I did try signing up using the google sign in option but no luck still.