The API key has been stolen. Why didn't the maximum limit I set take effect?

I certainly understand that API keys can be compromised. Therefore, I initially set the maximum limit at $120. However, it has been misused for over $3000 now. Why doesn’t OpenAI stop the API key usage after reaching the set limit of $120? I did not proactively increase the limit. Is OpenAI responsible for this situation? How can it be resolved? I am willing to pay, but the excess amount needs to be removed. I have been a trustworthy user and have been making payments below $80 every month for the past few months.


Ouch. Welcome to the Dev Community @whitebird , sorry it’s with such frustrating news.

This might help:

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Let’s not jump to any conclusions, support is limited by their resources but is still very much available.

Contacted in this way for several days now, no one replies, all AI replies, OpenAI financial issues should be strengthened, this can easily cause loss of quality users. Also cause us troubled.