Exceeding Budget Constraints: Charged $1200 by OpenAI Despite Setting Spending Limits

I had a soft limit of $30 , and a hard limit of $50 - This went over, and Open a.i has not honored the limits I put in place - they have now charged me $1200, and do not answer any chat messages. I will need to report this as fraud via my bank, but anyone had any luck with getting support?

I know the bot over at help.openai.com can be a bit annoying, but a human will eventually get back to you, it might take a few weeks though.

They’ll offer you a refund if the problem is on their end :heart:


Typically, OpenAI’s help desk responds within a week, so I hope your issue will be resolved ASAP. Please ensure you’ve submitted a ticket for your problem, and I request you to stay patient, you will get your refund for the issue.


“Report as fraud” will be a chargeback - which to OpenAI is fraud itself, and will pretty much permanently end your business with them when your account is banned.

You are not the first or fifth person to report that the hard limit is now non-functional, contrary to expectations and prior function – before OpenAI attempted to completely disable it in the user interface, to backlash.

You can expect the conversation that could come up with such a lame-brain policy as “limitations settings are disabled if you prepay” was “we’ll make more money if users cannot stop account-emptying abuse - screw 'em if they leak their keys and don’t disable keys when they observe $1000 of use”.

The help menu option in your account, and then clicking through the appropriate menu steps first is the only way to send a message. You can inform them it is THEIR broken system causing YOU expense.

Thank you for letting us know that the limit isn’t respected :scream:

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