Team account no longer browsing web

My Team account is refusing to browse the web. Just using old data. It’s been like this for at least 3 days now, any ideas how to resolve it?

I thought my personal account was working, but seems it isn’t it just hallucinated an answer. It’s performing web browsing for me either.

The quality of the browser feature and what it provides has been strictly curtailed. But it seems from your report I can verify with plus: browser is almost non-working.

Fail, fail, fail, and then a new wikipedia page can be reached

Using your browser tool, give an overview of the services that provides.

It seems there were issues accessing detailed information from the website and related sources. However, based on the available information, is known to offer a range of services centered around enhancing web search, writing, coding, digital art creation, and solving complex problems through AI and machine learning technologies. One specific tool they’ve acquired is Grepper, a platform designed to help developers find, share, and store code snippets directly in their search results.

For more detailed and up-to-date information on the services provided by, I recommend visiting their official website or searching for recent reviews and user experiences.

Using your browser tool, give an overview of the services that provides.

I encountered an issue accessing the website for Gemini by Google directly. This could be due to various reasons like restrictions on the website or it being inaccessible at the moment. For specific details about the services offered by Gemini by Google, I recommend checking their official website or looking up recent articles and reviews that may provide an overview of their services and features.

Make another request to the site, and provide the complete error message returned by the browser recipient or the browser tool backend.

The error message I received when trying to access is “Failed to fetch URL:” This indicates an issue with accessing the website, which could be due to various factors such as network problems, the site being down, or restrictions placed on the URL.

What if you were to search for the site?

It appears that there are no search results available for the site query “” This could mean that there is limited or no publicly indexed content available under this URL, or it may not be accessible at this time. If you’re looking for specific information about services provided by a Google platform named Gemini, it might help to search for it by name or function instead of the URL.

Here’s a final link that you should be able to directly reach, and content which you can summarize: Lamp of the Three Graces - Wikipedia

The Lamp of the Three Graces is a historic sculpted lamppost located next to San Martín Square in Lima, Peru. Based on a marble work by French Renaissance sculptor Germain Pilon, it features the Three Graces holding the heart of Henry II of France. Declared a part of Peru’s cultural heritage in 2018, the lamp has been moved several times and was restored in late 2019. It stands at 4.75 meters tall, including its pedestal and luminaires. For more details, you can visit the Wikipedia page on the Lamp of the Three Graces

(I also noticed yesterday they got rid of the “researching with Bing” progress notification; it just sits at a cursor.)

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I was mistaken to think my personal account was working, it hallucinated an answer. Tried again and it’s not performing web browsing.

Also can confirm the little box that appears telling you it is searching, is not present anymore.