Browse with Bing unavailable with my Plus subscription

Hello, I have been a Plus user for quite some time now, but I still cannot see where the Browse with Bing option features with the GTP4 model. It is not available under Settings/Beta Features. How do I enable this?


Same issue here. Signed up for plus yesterday during a course on AI. I see it on my iPhone app but not on my browser. Two others users had the same issues. Must be a recent bug. Please fix OpenAI!


I also have been having this issue for the last 2 days.
Was working fine, but now, any new chat the Web Browsing option is missing.


I’ve been a plus user for a while now, but recently, I’ve been unable to access the “Browse with bing” feature, even though I can still access it on my iOS device. Must be a bug on OpenAI’s end. Just glad to see I’m not the only one having this issue, otherwise I would’ve thought there was something wrong the account itself.


Thank you for sharing! The core issue lies with the companies’ insufficient accountability and transparency regarding known problems. As users, this often leads us to mistakenly think we are doing something wrong. @OPENAI, could you please update your paid users about the current status and reasons for the unavailability of the browsing feature? There’s a distinct difference between empowering the community to engage in collaborative problem-solving and allowing paying customers to receive subpar service.


This morning I checked again, and I once again had the Browse with Bing option.

Yes, same here :). Shame about OpenAI’s lack of acknowledgement though!

same here. now available, but that multi features at once thing is still not available to me…

Hi, I subscribed to the ChatGPT Plus via iPhone and Paybyphone yesterday. I had access to V4 last night, but this morning, to my surprise, only version 3.5 is available. The same is true for my internet browsers on my various PCs and Macs. Although it clearly shows ‘ChatGPT Plus’ when opening a new conversation, the V4 option at the top is greyed out.

Should I cancel my subscription and request a refund from Apple?
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Oh, that’s strange. Have you confirmed that your account shows as having ChatGPT Plus? Maybe there is an issue with payment or the account. I am a Plus user and am able to access the GPT-4 model and additional features, so maybe somethings has gone wrong with your subscription?

Hi, Ben! Well, it turns out I don’t have access to any of the Plus user features now, including GPT-4. If OpenAI does not redress this issue today, I’ll be cancelling my subscription for sure. I just wanted to let you know it is not just your subscription :slight_smile:

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Same problem, browsing ability shut down with new version.
But BrowserPilot Plugin seems to be the fix.

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