Prompt for GPT-4 web browsing?

I got a notification that “ChatGPT can now browse the web, analyze data, and generate images. These capabilities are now built into GPT-4, no need to select them. Available for Plus users.”

But try as I might, the model just tells me it can not browse the web. Is it just user error on how I’m prompting?


Ive had the same issue. While all the new features of the dashboard are in place for API developers, not all of the functions are working. So as a developer event, they are likely handling that stuff first, and then ensuring GPT 4 turbo works for end users as well. However I can’t seem to select GPT 4TURBO from any drop down menu in the playground dashboard

Today when I logged in there was literally a pop-up that said it could now browse the web, but when I ask it to browse the web, it replies with

“I apologize for the confusion. As of my last update, I don’t have the capability to browse the internet …”

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I’m also experiencing the same issue. However, a bit later they removed that feature and reverted to the previous version where we could select the models. I found it odd because I used it a few times through the app and after a while it stopped working. I don’t know if they are trying to roll it out gradually to specific countries, but for some of my friends who are also Brazilian, it’s working normally.

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Oh, so it wasn’t just me this happened to!
Well, as I type this post, OpenAI is currently having some intermittent issues.
All I saw was

  1. 20 minutes of cool new features
  2. Interface went back to old system
  3. ChatGPT started acting funky and being unable to respond
  4. Signs of a DDoS attack were acknowledged by OpenAI Status

Stay tuned, because clearly something’s up, and it’s not just you guys.

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I got the same problem. When I asked gpt to browse web it display he is not able to do so

My web UI has been updated to the new features, and web browsing now seems to work fine for me at least.
Have you tried restarting the page/clearing cache to see if that helps?
You might have to “remind” it at times that it can, in fact, search the web. I’m beginning to notice that at the moment. I think now that it retrieves all tools itself, it’s going to take some time for it to understand and interpret which tool it’s supposed to use, and which tools it has available.

Nope not working I tried with web and phone already. Dont know why

I have no ideas. I can use web bing I mean yesterday and When I got up this morning the web bing just disappeard. I tried on “Setting” and I could not find any button to enable bing like I done it before. I am on Plus version or if there is any version just for browse Web. LOL

Ok It seems I am able to go browse now. Its annoying that new user only allowed replied 3 times in the same topic.


Did you take to make sure it recognizes your GPT plus subscription?
I’m really sorry, I genuinely can’t figure out why it’s giving you that message. The only thing I can think of has to do with not having a plus subscription, otherwise I don’t know.

  1. As much as I appreciate the intention of the advice, having to bear the responsibility of telling, much less reminding, ChatGPT about a paid service that allows you to access it in the first place is counterintuitive and extremely cumbersome, detracting from the overall UX. It should be capable of realizing whether or not you are a PLUS user based on the features it has readily available for deployment, i.e. nothing locked behind a paywall

  2. I have reluctantly, and on multiple occasions, tried reminding chatGPT that I was indeed a PLUS subscriber during instances where it claimed it lacked features that were advertised as “built into” it, or claimed it couldn’t perform a given task despite being granted the necessary capabilities via function calls using 3rd party plugins. Neither of them have worked as a solution.

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I simply instructed the engine to “browse the web for…” and it used Bing to do so then displayed quick summaries of articles with links. Hope this helps.

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I’ve literally been going through this as well since the new updates and I was so frustrated. I tried all the things suggested here like you did and nothing worked. What I did was go to a past chat where I had browsed with Bing. I asked chat could it browse and it said, “No…” I then copied and pasted the message where it had browsed and fed it back to Chat and told Chat it could and had done it in the past. I made sure the text “As of blah blah of 2023” was in my message. Then it “recognized” it could and started browsing with Bing again. Not sure if this will help or if you’ve done this. Worth a try if you haven’t.

It appears to be working now for me with a new ChatGPT 4 session.


It seems to be working now so I’m assuming kinks just needed to be ironed out which is fair.

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This is working. Thank you for your help.[quote=“BTlucky, post:12, topic:479021, full:true”]
I simply instructed the engine to “browse the web for…” and it used Bing to do so then displayed quick summaries of articles with links. Hope this helps.

Thanks for that. It works now.

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I think I broke ChatGPT!
It has been doing this to me fairly often where it would refuse to perform a websearch. However what happen today has never happened before.
Can anyone explain?

I have the exact same issue, I am unable to perform analysis of websites to help me with my tasks.

I’ve also bumped into this issue. I mean, web search isn’t my be-all and end-all, but it’s kinda weird that I got the heads up about this feature and it doesn’t even do its thing. This is new to me, everything was ok before.

Na this is a bug. Worked 100% perfectly before. I go this emssage today which is simpley not true “I understand it might seem limiting, but as of my last update in April 2023, I don’t have the capability to directly access or retrieve real-time information from external websites. This is by design for privacy and security reasons, ensuring that interactions remain secure and user data is protected. However, I can still offer general advice, answer questions based on the information up to my last update, and assist with a wide range of queries. If you have specific details or content you can share directly here, I’d be happy to provide feedback or further assistance based on that!”