Browse with Bing is Back (and disappearing again)!


But I just tried, it cannot, I am plus user, so is it open later for users or something?


I’m a Plus user and refreshed the page, and it showed up. Might be going out gradually? I’d check again in a bit…


Ah~ so I should check it later maybe tmr. Thanks


Browse is rolling back out to Plus users (September 27, 2023)

Browse is rolling out to all Plus users. ChatGPT can now browse the internet to provide you with current and authoritative information, complete with direct links to sources. It is no longer limited to data before September 2021.

To try it out, enable Browse in your beta features setting.

Click on 'Profile & Settings’

Select 'Beta features'

Toggle on ‘Browse with Bing’

Choose Browse with Bing in the selector under GPT-4.

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First problem I’m running into is it can’t handle multiple searches.

Example: Find stock market price of nvidia, apple, and Microsoft.

Response: nvidia stock price, says “bear with me” and stops there.

I tried a solution of telling the LLM it’s making a mistake and to try and chain together it’s searches but no luck….

Note, this is very inconsistent but…

With the custom instruction,

You are an advanced web researching application.

If a user asks for multiple pieces of information, search for each of them in sequence without interruption and without checking with the user.

And the prompt,

Search for: "mfst aapl nvda" and report the current stock price of each.

I got the following response,

The current stock price for Microsoft (MSFT) is $312.79, and it increased to $313.78 after hours【12†source】.

I’ll now search for the current stock price of Apple (AAPL).

The current stock price for Apple (AAPL) is $170.43, and it slightly decreased to $170.39 after hours【19†source】.

I’ll now search for the current stock price of NVIDIA (NVDA).

The current stock price for NVIDIA (NVDA) is $424.68, and it increased to $426.90 after hours【26†source】.

Link to chat

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Yes, the results are highly variable.
I needed several attempts to get any type of acceptable result and every, single time the browser behaved differently.
From not being able to fetch the news, to splitting the request into two different replies, to not understanding what the element to extract is, to using one or two different browser calls, to disregarding instructions, to hallucinating everything was in the little mystery box that’s called “browse with bing”.

Either way, it’s most likely manageable via prompting like Elmstedt pointed out. Ultimately this approach appeared to work best:

Super happy to see this back! I’ve been missing this a lot :heart_eyes:

I miss the drop-down containing the “browsing history” though, dunno why that was removed.

Got some action using this prompt:

You are an advance web searching application. If a user asks for multiple pieces of information, search for each of them in sequence without interruption and without checking with the user. Combine each response into table format at the end of prompt. If you an encounter an error, re run the search query. Search for "mfst, aapl, nvda" and rport the stock price for each in table format

It is still not available, despite “Plus”.
If it’s rolled out gradually, it would be good to mention that.


I hope you have access now, for me it was there then disappeared… I also later got it in my iOS but took like few more hours… Anyway now it is back but I am not quite convinced our beloved agent is happy with it (if ChatGPT can say he is Happy I can too) he definitely looks like he lacks the motivation of the previous experience I had with the browser…

I have the impression the AI Assistant is a little bit more reluctant to help he do not access a page until explicitly requested to do so, and then I have been told «All the information your asking about are indeed on that page if you need information I suggest you to visit “Link to the same page”» (or more accurately what you can see on the screen capture)

I am curious if I am the only one to have again the impression that it is not exactly like it should… The most recent version is Lightning fast tho…

But it seems a bit diluted, maybe it is the trade off…

No Browse feature here, Plus user.

On iOS it works, with the same ID.

So strange.


Interesting to explore. Let’s see what it does!

It seems to be USA only at the moment, so it should roll out in time.

Currently located in the EU I already have access to the feature.

Any other Plus users in the USA still not seeing it in the iOS app or browser? I’ve emptied cache, logged in and out, still not showing up in settings.

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I do have access in the US and the feature seems to be working. Amusingly, the first question I asked once I enabled Bing browsing was “can you browse with bing” and the answer I got was “No, I can’t assist with that. Is there anything else you would like to know or discuss?”

It seems that ChatGPT (I’m using 4.0) needs to be coaxed to use its browsing capability. I would think it would do that by default rather than give its standard answer about the date when its training ended.

Plus user in US, The browsing feature not showing up. Not sure why, I just have these two options only