Superpower ChatGPT Chrome Extension (Folders, Search, GPT Store, Image Gallery, Custom Instruction Profiles, and more)

Hey OpenAI community!

I’m the creator of Superpower ChatGPT Chrome Extension.
Here are some of the extra features the extension adds to the ChatGPT UI.

Lots of new features has been added to Superpower ChatGPT over the past year:

★ Superpower ChatGPT Pro Features:

  • :money_mouth_face: GPT Store - Powered by Superpower ChatGPT. The very first GPT store with over 10000 custom GPTs right inside ChatGPT. Discover new custom GPTs and try them with one click!
  • :bridge_at_night: Image Gallery - Now you can see all your images in one place. Read the prompt, search images, download all images, and more…
  • :loud_sound: Voice GPT - Now you can have a conversation with ChatGPT on your computer. Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text. Support for multiple languages.

★ Chat Management for ChatGPT:

  • :card_index_dividers: Folders and reordering for your chats: Create folders easily and organize your chats in folders. Assign a different color to each folder. Drag and drop files to reorder them or add/remove them to folders. Pin folders at the top. Drop a file in the Trash to automatically delete it.
  • :repeat: Auto Sync: Never lose your chats. Automatically sync a copy of all your chats for ChatGPT DB to your computer
  • :repeat: Auto Delete: Option to automatically delete old messages
  • :racing_car: Quick Sync: Select the option to only sync the last 100 chats in your history for best performance
  • :inbox_tray: Export: Select and Export any number of your chats from ChatGPT into multiple formats (.txt, .json, .md)
  • :mag_right: Search and Highlight: Search through all your previous chats on ChatGPT and highlight results for quick review
  • :pushpin: Pinned Messages: Pin important messages in each conversation and quickly access them using our quick navigation sidebar
  • :wastebasket: Group Deletion: Select and delete a group of chats on ChatGPT
  • :card_file_box: Archived chats: Easily see the chats you have deleted previously.
  • :mantelpiece_clock: Timestamps: Timestamps for all chats. Easily switch between “last updated” and “created” time
  • :small_red_triangle_down:More sidebar space: Easily minimize the bottom section of the ChatGPT sidebar for more space to see your conversation list
  • :female_detective: Incognito Mode: Chat with History Off and continue it later

★ Prompt Management for ChatGPT:

  • :chains: Prompt Chains: Save a series of prompts as a prompt chain. Then run each prompt in the prompt chain one by one with a single click
  • :zap: Auto Complete Menu: Simply type @ or # to open a menu of all your custom prompts or prompt chains right above the input box
  • :back: Input History: Every prompt you have ever used in ChatGPT is saved privately on your computer. Click on My Prompt History to scroll through all your prompt history, mark them as favorites, or share them with the community
  • :arrow_up_small::arrow_down_small: Quick Access: Just use the Up/Down Arrow key in the input box to go through your previous prompts
  • :star: Favorite prompts: Mark your prompts as favorite in your prompt history
  • :page_facing_up: Prompt templates: put words inside {{double curly brackets}} in your prompt, and you’ll be asked to replace them before submitting the prompt
  • :mag: Search Function: Easily search through your prompt history and hundreds of prompt examples from the ChatGPT community
  • :scroll: Community Prompts: Get inspiration from hundreds of other prompts created by the Community and share your prompts too. Upvote, downvote, and report prompts, and sort them by the most used or most upvoted. Filter prompts by category and language
  • :art: Preset prompt management: Add as many preset custom prompts as you like and quickly access them with a click of a button
  • :link: Prompt Sharing: Easily share a direct link to the community prompt on ChatGPT with a single click

★ Language and Style for ChatGPT:

  • :earth_africa: Language Selection: Change the response language with one click (Supports over 190 different languages)
  • :performing_arts: Tone and Style: Change the Tone and the Writing style of the Response

★ Utilities for ChatGPT:

  • :busts_in_silhouette: Custom Instruction Profiles: Why create only one Custom Instruction on ChatGPT when you can easily create and save multiple profiles and quickly access them with a click of a button
  • :scissors: Auto Splitter: Automatically split your long input into smaller chunks and send them to ChatGPT individually.
  • :spiral_notepad: Auto summarize: Using the power of auto-splitter, your long text will be summarized into a shorter version so you can ask question
  • :straight_ruler: Custom Conversation Width: Adjust the width of the conversation on ChatGPT to your liking
    :arrows_counterclockwise: Smart Replace: Automatically replace pre-defined phrases with longer text as you type prompts
  • :computer_mouse: Auto Click: Automatically click on the default custom prompt button at the end of each response
  • :point_right: Custom Instruction: Don’t repeat yourself. Automatically add a custom instruction to the end of each prompt
  • :bar_chart: Word and Character Count: Add the word and character counters to both the user input and the responses
  • :control_knobs: Model Switcher: Easily change the model (GPT-4, GPT-3.5, etc.) in the middle of the conversation. Simply hover over the avatar icon to see what model was used for each response
  • :clipboard: Copy and Paste: Easily copy each chat with a click of a button and keep the formatting (support plain text, markdown, and HTML format)
  • :dark_sunglasses: Copy Mode: Setting to copy either both user input and response or only the chat response
  • :keyboard: Short keys: Quickly access your most used features using our growing list of short keys
  • :arrow_right::arrow_left: Open/close the sidebar for more space on smaller screens
  • :lock: Safe Mode: Disabled ChatGPT moderation by default when Auto-Sync is ON
  • :arrow_double_up::arrow_double_down: Scroll to the top/bottom
  • :new: GPT4 Support: Support GPT4 and shows the number GPT4 requests made based on latest limit from OpenAI

Check out our YouTube channel for demos of all features:

If you have any feature requests, feel free to share them here.
I’d love to hear your feedback and answer any questions you have about this extension.

Thanks for your time!


I tried this but removed it because of the unsightly display ads in the sidebar.


At this point, we do not show any ads in the extension. You can enjoy all the free features with no ads.

Original response:
Thanks for the feedback, ruby_coder. Since this is a free extension and I’d like to keep it that way while I continue to add more features, I’m exploring different paths such as sponsorship to cover the cost of servers for the extension. That being said, the little box you see on the side currently is my other project, so technically I’m still covering the server fees out of my own pocket. I’ll continue to explore different ways to cover the costs, but for now I think the sidebar sponsorship is the simplest and best option for both the users and myself.
Also interested if you’d be open to pay to use this extension? $1/mo? $5/mo?


I have no idea if I would pay for this extension because I immediately deleted it when the unsightly ads appeared in the sidebar.

I don’t think you will generate enough revenue from your ad model to compensate for how unseemly the ads look; so if you want to be successful and generate revenue from your Chrome extension, my suggestion would be to remove the ads and first see if you can get a huge user base.

You are not going to generate any meaningful revenue with the current user base you have now; but you are going to cause people who do not want ads to delete your extension quickly.

I currently use a different ChatGPT Chrome extension and it has no ads, BTW.

Hope this helps and wishing you the best.


The extension is hosted by the chrome store, and the extension uses the users cpu, so i’m curious, what server costs ? Or did i miss something ?

Otherwise, nice intitiative :+1:

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yep, traction first, money later


Thanks @i-technology There are a few feature in the extension that require servers and API calls:

  • Prompt Library: Users can share their interesting prompts with the rest of the community. For this feature to work I need a DB (I use AWS RDS) and a backend that handles submitting new prompts, searching them, and pulling them when the user need to look at them.
  • Release notes: The release notes inside the extension comes from the database based on the version of the extension you currently have.
  • Newsletter: Same as release note, this feature also comes from the database. So I can publish new version f the newsletter, without having to release a new version of the extension every day.
  • And the sidebar sponsorship box itself also comes from the backend, so I can change it or remove it if needed.
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Prompt Library (excluded), you could use github to host everything for free, as long as your git is public, you can transform it into a website (even custom domain), and host html, json, etc on there ^^

Maybe google firebase could be a cheap solution (if low traffic) to replace the Prompt Library DB


Thanks @ruby_coder. That makes sense, and I’m currently mainly experimenting with this. From my observation of the Chrome Web Store Analytics, It looks like less than 10% of the users who install the extension on a daily basis, uninstall the extension. This number has been in the same range before and after I added the ad on the sidebar. So my initial thought is that it’s not bothering most of the users. I think the extension adds enough useful features (like allowing you to Export all your chats) that users are ok with the small ad on the sidebar. Also majority of users are outside of US and either can’t afford to pay or just prefer a small ad over paying for this.
That being said, I’m not sure the positioning of the ad is currently the best. There might be a better place to put it that doesn’t bother the user as much and still has the same effect. Inside the newsletter is one place I will be experimenting with in the future.

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Question :

Have you figured out how to intercept the response from gtp?

Here’s what I mean

I made a chrome extension that does tts, however I was only able to detect when the written response is finalized, which means I can only play back the answer wayyyy later, and this introduces unwanted lag.

A solution to this ?
Thanks :+1:

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I could be wrong, but I don’t think you can intercept the api response using an extension.
That being said, ChatGPT uses the streaming feature of the OpenAI API:

And on the frontend, they use Event Source to receive the text stream:

Hope that helps.


Seems like it’s possible

Haven’t tested it, just posting in case it may interest others

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New version with a bunch of new features is released. Now you can:

  • Sync all your chats locally in your own computer

  • Search your old chats

  • Customize preset prompts

  • Select and delete/export a subset of conversations

  • Hide/show the sidebar

  • Change the output language

The newsletter has also been growing steadily and it has become one our most popular features in the extension.

And lots of small improvements and bug fixes. More features coming soon.
We also now support Firefox Superpower ChatGPT – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)

As always, I’ll be happy to hear your feedback and suggestions. You can always email me with you suggestions or DM me on Twitter @eeeziii


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Seems cool, but for some reason i cant see “Preset prompts” at settings.

Just installed for chrome.

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Sorry @krisu.virtanen. Should have made that clear. The preset prompts feature is coming in v2.2.0 which is currently under review to get released on Chrome. The Firefox v2.2.0 is already released.

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I love the extension and I think this could be a great extension but it keeps having a bug in chrome, edge and edge dev. Is there anyway you can take a look at this?

The bug is that I can’t use my chat gpt and it just hangs I have to uninstall this extension, also sometimes it messes up the conversation history that is available.

Think your extension is amazing!


Thanks for reporting @xc29001. I’m aware of a bug that was happening. The fix for the bug is already under review to be released by Chrome. The recent OpenAI issues also made things a little bit worse. The new version should be released soon on Chrome. Please keep the extension disabled if you have issues, until the new version comes out. Thanks.


FYI. We have a new discord channel. Superpower ChatGPT

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Is there a bug right now that I’m not aware of? I was loving using the extenstion but for some reason it has stopped loading. Any help/info appreciated.

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I have submitted a new version to Chrome for review. Chrome doesn’t tell me how long it will take for them to review it. I just have to wait. In the meantime, both Firefox and GitHub versions are updated if you want to try those until Chrome is updated. Sorry for the inconvenience,

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