Please help to check if my chrome extension got block by OpenAI?

Hi OpenAI Supporter,

I wrote an chrome extension that published to Chrome Store here: ChatGPT Keeper - Chrome Web Store

But today it seems nothing loaded, and I’m suspecting, that my extension some how got blocked by OpenAI?
Would you please have a look and give me the reason why if my extension is actually got blocked.

Thank you,

I found the issue, you guys changed the URL from to

Would be nice to know it ahead. But still love you.


are you sure? I tested in Chrome - no extensions related to ChatGPT:
The first (original) is working fine for me.
The second is 404.

does your extension need the second one? If so, to access what?

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I’m pretty sure, example if you access this URL:

it will redirect you to

I think OpenAI just implemented change to shorten the URL: “chat” to “c”. That’s where it break my Chrome extension.

Yeah, you’re right - I didn’t notice - my conversations are in /c/ now. Thanks to let me know

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@tinh1115 hey Champ!

If you’re chrome extension is getting blocked you should contact google’s costumer support, OpenAI cannot do anything about that.

Your extension is most likely getting blocked because you used “chatGPT” in the name, “chatGPT” is a trademark owned by OpenAI, I suggest you find a new name.

Just to clarify, we’re not OpenAI’s costumer support, this is the developer community forum, if you actually need to contact OpenAI’s costumer support you can do that here:

Hi @N2U, thank you for your message and for providing the link to the OpenAI Help Center.

I just wanted to clarify a few things regarding the extension blocking issue. I was able to see the extension listed in the Chrome Store, so I’m sure that Google is not blocking it. That’s why I raised the question here, as I suspected that OpenAI might have made some changes to their server configuration, which could be affecting the content that can be loaded on the webpage.

Regarding the naming of the extension, it is designed to add a search feature to the ChatGPT frontend. I noticed that other popular extensions on the store also use “ChatGPT” in their names, such as “ChatGenie for ChatGPT” and “Liner: ChatGPT for…”. In the context of browser extensions, it’s common to use the name of the target platform to help users identify where the extension is intended to be used. This is a widely accepted practice and is not likely to be blocked by the Google Store. In this case, it appears that the technical issue was related to a change in the URL pattern on the ChatGPT webpage.

I know you probably know this stuff way better than me, please correct me if I’m wrong.


OpenAI cannot block your extension on the chrome store, only google can do that.

Just because other people are doing it doesn’t mean it’s not a violation of copyright law & the terms of use.

You can find more about it in this thread

To clarify, neither OpenAI nor Google prevented my extension from functioning. The issue stemmed from a technical problem where my extension depended on a URL that was altered from “” to “,” leading to its malfunction.

In relation to the Chrome Store, it resembles the App Store and offers apps that can be installed on iOS. In this instance, the OpenAI platform is akin to iOS. I believe OpenAI prefers not to block extensions, as most of them enhance the user interface experience for OpenAI users.

Concerning naming conventions, given that the extension is mainly utilized within the ChatGPT environment, it is advisable to signify its intended use for that platform during installation. Nonetheless, I understand the importance of adhering to rules and am grateful for your feedback. Thank you.

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Let’s say OpenAI opens the opportunity for the development of plugins, and a developer creates a plugin to find restaurants nearby. Is this apply to “authorized” plugins too? Or is it possible to name like “chatGPT MyFood Plugin”? Or is there any other option to refer to the specific platform the plugin was made for? Such as “My Food Plugin for chatGPT”, is that possible? I am in doubt about this, I am in the plugin waitlist for some time, and I don’t know what is going on with this area. I’ve found some “amateur” open-source plugins - some refer to chatGPT (never to OpenAI) but I couldn’t find any “authorized” ones.

How to refer to the platform? In Tinh’s case are these possible:

  1. CGK - the ChatGPT Keeper - where CGK is the name of the extension - and the reference is used as a tag for a user typing “chatgpt” in the Webstore search? - or…
  2. TCGK - The ChatGPT Keeper (or Tihn’s ChatGPT Keeper) - where TCGK is the name of the extension - and the rest is the same as above?
  3. both cases above but using ChatGPT™ in the reference;

These boundaries always confused me. What about the differences between products using "chatGPT’ in their names or references to:

  1. Open-source product;
  2. Free but proprietary product;
  3. Paid proprietary product;

I read the thread but there are more questions than “official” answers.

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I’m having trouble using the “basic” extensions such as: WebChatGPT which I got direcly from Google Play Store. Others aren’t working but this is most imp for me as it connects to internet. Anyone else having this issue??? Thanks for any help you can provide. Also, I’ve restored my Chrome browser, browser history, installed/uninstalled Extensions and even went so far as to ‘Powerwash’ (restore my Chromebook and yet - NOTHING. No change.

Here’s the link for google support: