Credit Card Declined for 2year API user

We are a 2 year paying user in the US of the API and suddenly our Credit card was declined. Confirmed with our Amex representative that no transactions were sent by Openai.

The card is being declined on the OpenAI side. We don’d use it for any other OpenAI payments. We have tried our personal cards with no association with OpenAI. All declined prior to sending the request.

Seems like admins of the community continue to punt this issue, here are just two other threads that were closed.

Looking at the request OpenAI sends it also shows this is a problem in their code.

The support does nothing but refer to a generic article.

I have been building an active product on this API for 2 years, we have spent $1,000’s in tokens and now they are threatening to turn off our access in 5 days because of this error.



I’m experiencing the same exact issue; I cannot pay the April invoice with two of my only payment methods. I reckon it’s because of the credit purchase I made two weeks ago.

Having paid the monthly invoice by card for the past years, I was forced to buy credits last month.

Credits were bought, a $25 extra credit was promised.

Now, OpenAI charged my credit card again despite the credits on the account. No extra $25 credit was credited at all.

I was having the same credit card issues everyone is having. Cards declined despite working everywhere else. Turns out an obscure fix buried deep within an older thread worked- use your mobile browser to log in and try to make payment there. Bizarrely, it worked first try!

Stripe really ought to up their game here as this is a clear technical issue. Or at least OpenAI should have more payment options. They’d probably see a bump in subscriptions as many people will just give up instead of scouring old threads to find tricks to get credit card payment to work again.

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