Open ai doesn't let me login

Open AI wont let me create an account. It tells me both my phone number and my girlfriends are landlines. they are cellphones, when we don’t even use a landline its the 21st century landlines are obsolete. I tried to use my mother and grandmas which are both cellphones and they say the same thing or that they have been abused. it tells me my Hotmail email account doesn’t work and cant recognize the email. so how am I supposed to sign up when I try a different email that does work but still need a cellphone that I have but wont accept my sign up cause I need a phone number code. I have even tried getting random phone numbers but they say they are VoIP or landline. I need an actual customer support phone number and not AI chat.

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Same thing happens to me. They say my cellphone is a landline… And I don’t get an answer from them, because they don’t respond the tickets.
I can’t check the ticket statuses because I can’t login in. This is frustrating.

This happens a lot with Canadian phones. Please check this thread:
My phone number is not a VOIP! - API - OpenAI API Community Forum

@logankilpatrick advised that is aware of this issue.

Same issue, from México. I tryied several formats until it blocked the account. The only sign of life from openai staff was to close a 800+ comments thread with the “solution”= “go to the FAQ” where ther is nothing close to useful.

My phone number is Mobile yet OpenAI is saying it is a landline how do I correct this