Still no GPT-4 API access

Hello, I’m on a Plus Plan since start, German user and have a small API payment. But I am still not able to use the GPT-4 model via API. As per the general availability information it is now August and I would expect being able to access it. Is anyone else experiencing this? How can I resolve it?


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Updates for GPT-4 API are being rolled out in batches to developers, please be patient.


thanks, can you clarify what is considered a “developer”?


Its been 2 weeks that we are “patient”. We need dates. It should be done in the end of july as stated so why it isn´t available today ?

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I appreciate your responding to us. Do you have confirmation that it’s rolling out? I haven’t read anywhere that someone new has gotten access as of July 31st.

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Because it’s not?

Companies make projections all the time, sometimes those projections aren’t met.

You can choose to be patient and wait, secure in the knowledge it is coming because OpenAI is working on it.

Or you can choose to be impatient and do something else—maybe access GPT-4 through Azure, choose a different LLM to work with, improve to eat you’re using gpt-3.5-turbo to decrease the disparity between it and gpt-4, or many, many other things.

Choosing to scream into the void isn’t terribly productive though. There’s no one here with the ability to give you access to the gpt-4 API or tell you the date and time you’ll get that access.


I think it’s not so simple at this user scale to roll out such changes, I’m sure it will be available as soon as possible, its just the beginning of august.

I did. I also think,

  1. People aren’t entitled to communication from a company if that company is unable to make a product widely available by the date they plan.
  2. This is the wrong venue to express feelings about the company’s communication strategy since OpenAI staff is very rarely here.

Your emotions are valid, but why would you choose to feel angry about this, of all things?

They communicated they planned to open up GPT-4 API access to everyone by the end of July. That was three days ago. They didn’t quite make it, but it’s been rolling out and many new developers have been onboarded in the last week.

They will get to everyone as soon as they are able.

How would that help? And why would you think the rollout is region based?

OpenAI is a startup.

For the record, that’s not misinformation and I don’t appreciate you framing it as such. According to OpenAI’s public statements it was correct to say “All developers should have GPT-4 API access by the end of the month.”

This is a valid criticism and true. But remember, until they released ChatGPT on November 30, 2022 they had roughly zero consumer customers and a few thousand API customers. Now they have well over 100-million customers and the number of developers using the platform has skyrocketed.

How long do you think it takes to ramp up a support team to handle that kind of user base starting, essentially, from zero—especially when you’re not a consumer focused company to start with?

At the end of the day only you can decide what is worth choosing to feel those big feelings about.

My guess is that you’re not really angry, but sad and disappointed because you would like to have access but don’t currently—and that’s okay.


Can you provide an estimated time frame for that so I don’t have to check three times a day?

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No one here can do this. This is a community forum for developers, there’s nearly never any OpenAI staff present here.

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Imagine the amount of items, news and features that appear every day and if every person in the world opened a ticket or post or something like yours.

7 billion’s x %N

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I think I’d treat it as a technical exercise, I’d get a spare laptop or a 2$ a month VPS and i’d put a small python script on it that calls the openai chat completions endpoint once every 6 hours with a call specifying the “gpt-4” model with the prompt of “test” and then a check to see if I get back an error message or a valid completion, then i’d make it fire me off an email if it detect the valid completion.


If you’re going to do something like that, I’d just poll the models endpoint and check if gpt-4 is present.


Hello I want to mention that I have received an email informing me about the availability to the GPT-4 API today.

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@bha443 can you share what you learned?

And if anyone can tell me the set of steps I need to do to become registered as an API developer, I’d love to know. I am on the waitlist and have been probably the same time as everyone else, but this will be my first thing to ever develop so I don’t have a prior API record with them. I’m assuming I may need to change that?

As @Foxabilo mentioned, it seems that the updates are done in batches based on unknown criteria (maybe sign up date, Geo region, etc…) but I can now confirm that there is progress for what it’s worth. I was also on the wait-list but did not do anything special other than what I mentioned in the post.

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Oh interesting @bha443 . So you weren’t a developer before? You were just on the wait list?

To me it’s obvious that they prioritize users that use their product, in this case the API. I was lucky to get access to GPT3 API early, it was september 2020 if I remember correct. Since then, I have been using the different models via the API and have reported bugs I’ve found and tried various things.

To me, the criteria that makes the biggest difference how fast you get access whenever they release something new, is how active you are as a user. Sign up date, region etc. isn’t something I’ve noticed makes any real difference. I have friends that signed up earlier than me and they still waiting to access GPT4 using the API. While I got access in March. I live in Sweden, so not really a country that usually get prioritized.

The only difference between me and the friends that signed up early is that I have been using the API ever since I got access. Even though I’ve used the API for a long time, the amount of money I have been charged isn’t much.

I didn’t even have to sign-up for a waiting list to get access to GPT4 API. The only thing I can think of that made any difference is that I’m an active user.

I’m not sure what you mean by “become registered as an API developer”?

Add a card to your account so they can charge you based on how much you use the API. Then you can start using the API. To become familiar with the API there’s no need to have access to GPT4. How the API work is the same anyway (almost the same).

If I were in the situation you are I wouldn’t wait, instead I would start using the API, simple as that.

What is a “developer”? Anyone with OpenAI account? Do I need to register somewhere?

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