GPT Store Rollout In Progress?

Is the GPT store still in the process of being rolled out? I’m keen to start using it. Many people I know already have access but it has not been enabled on my account yet.


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Yes, the rollout is happening right now and your Plus account should get access soon.

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Thank you for your reply. Do you know what date the rollout should be completed?

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Will the existing custom gpts be transfered to the store ?

Unfortunately I don’t have access to the timeline. We got an update from OpenAI that the progress is at 95% so it could happen any minute now.
But then again I have personally been waitlisted with other product releases and know from experience that things can take a bit longer sometimes.

Maybe you can post a quick update when you get access because then we have a better understanding of what ‘95%’ means in the future. Would be great!

Yes, they are being transferred to the store if the conditions are met.
You probably received the email with the announcement so make sure to double check and look for updates on the linked help and documentation pages.
Some types of GPTs are not eligible for publication in the store (AI girlfriends for example) and other users had issues with automated flagging of copyrighted content in their instructions and knowledge files.

If you want your GPTs to be in the store make sure they meet the requirements and then it should happen automatically.

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Thankyou fot the reply. I guess for EU citizens it still will take some time to get “monetized”.

I am in the UK, the second largest user and subscriber base, and still have no access. Can anyone comment. And yes, I am a Plus user.

You can keep tabs on the blog announcement of the GPT Store. OpenAI often revises those as new information becomes available.

Right now, we have the words “rollout”, and that monetization may start in the US when introduced as guidance.

The landing page for the store, or simply the older version with your own GPTs, is

I still don’t have access to the GPT store. I wonder how many other GPT Plus users still don’t have access.

Thanks for the reply, however, the link directly to the store only offers approx. 45 ChatgGPT. I would assume there are many more that this.

The last 5% need more than 9 days to rollout? I haven’t gotten it yet😡

That’s not exactly great to hear.

All I can do for you is to try and get an update this week why things are taking so long.
But I cannot make it happen for you.

I still don’t have access to the GPT Store. That feels a lot like rolling a 20 on a 1D20.

OpenAI is doing a lot of “maintenance” - implementing policies and delisting previous GPTs, scanning descriptions and instructions, finding bad accounts of plagiarizers, possibly trying an auto-rewriter…

So it may be that right now they don’t want more users exposed to two million nonsense bots that serve to produce undesired outputs.


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