I don't have access to ChatGPT free account yet?

chatgot is offline , its take very long time to open ,dont know the issue but i think its down now and maybe it could be back after few hours , its not working now

Hello, it is currently rolling out to all ChatGPT+ subscribers. Please be patient.

No access here either; hopefully soon.

Note to bot: This is a complete sentence.

I have a plus acct. Apparently, it’s being rolled out slowly to all users. Hopefully we’ll get it by the end of the day

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No store here either … looks like it is still rolling out. Be patient.

UPDATE: Spoke too soon, just got the store a few minutes after posting this :rofl:

yep just got it! I’m in FL if that makes a difference depending on the location

A popup is added to notify you of the update.

Explore GPTs

No need to ferret around to find it.

WTF does it take to get access to the GPT store or any help form ChatGPT???

For a week my ChatGPT account has been virtually useless. Has deleted GPTs I made, has stopped people from using them that I sent links to and stops in the middle of answering any questions.

  1. When will I get access to the store as a Plus paying user?
  2. Why are my GPTs disabled?
  3. Why won’t my links work for other users anymore?

Yeah, I am still waiting for the GPT store to release for me as well.

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Same - was just checking if this was happening only for me.

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I don’t have it yet. This is the slowest rollout yet. I’ve been a chatgpt+ member since they started offering it so don’t know how they are prioritizing who gets it… its been nearly a week.

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I’m starting the wonder if its better to delete my account and make a new one so I might randomly be in a group that gets it…


Been over 6 days and still do not have the gpt store :smiling_face_with_tear:

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I feel the same, Ive had the paid account from DAY 1 and my son who just signed up a month ago has the store and i dont. WTH

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Welcome to A/B Testing Hell :cookie: . Where the paths are many, endless, and ye may fall in-between the cracks.

There were some people who never get access to plugins long after they were introduced. Unfortunately the only solution is to wait, and/or contact OpenAI support (as fruitful as walking these treacherous paths)


I still don’t have access and I’ve been a paying member since day 1 as well.

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We understand you are rolling it out gradually. Can you at least give us a time frame when to expect it? We’re all paying customers.

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Over a week, are they actually still rolling it out or were we just left behind?

I believe some errors occurred during the rollout. I recommend contacting customer support if you haven’t done so already.

Also try using the ChatGPT Plus URL for the GPT store. You may have access to the store and just don’t know it as the page is displaying incorrectly.


In the left panel you should see image

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