Still can't solve the problem of quota exceeded despite having reached out to the support team

I’ve made a previous topic about it and the only solutions it gave me were to increase my hard quota limit which didn’t work. And I have sent a request of quota increase, despite still being far below.

I have tried to provide more details, but I keep getting the same reply. Could it be because I’ve only founded only 5$ and not more ? I don’t know and the help center doesn’t help.

We can’t help you here sir, good luck :saluting_face:

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When you open the assistant and pick the “send a message”, the AI is designed to try to answer those questions. There also could be a first tier of outsourced humans no better than the AI.

You need to make clear that you have an account billing problem with your credits being unable to be spent needing OpenAI account staff.

A bug that has plagued this new prepay billing system.