Even with quota and available credits, error openai.error.RateLimitError: You exceeded your current quota

Hey, so I have added 10$ of credit to use the API. I have made a request, during several different timeframes to ensure it wasnt because it was not updated yet. I checked the FAQ and saw that for some people it fixed by adding billing address or turning on auto-recharge. However nothing seems to work, I still get:
openai.error.RateLimitError: You exceeded your current quota
And when checking the usage I have 0/120$ usage…
Can someone help me fix this?


There’s a few other topics just started about credit purchases not taking effect.

Since this forum is not account support staff, I’d send a message through the accounts “help” assistant about the issue.

Theory: It is a Stripe payment processor issue. The first of the month is when monthly accounts start getting billed by OpenAI. OpenAI has foolishly relied on a third-party to handle every transactional detail, even your token counts being individually reported to the payment processor.


Yea… I sent through help already, but I dont think they will respond any soon, if they respond :frowning:

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Hey folks! I was tracking and replying in this thread: Probable OpenAI Bug: Insufficient Quota Error on Paid Account with Available Balance - #71 by logankilpatrick the issue has since been resolved, thanks for hanging in there with us.

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