Insufficient quota (despite having credits left and being far below the limit)


I have a problem with my API keys. It says that I have exceeded the quota despite having 4,82$ of balance and I have a usage of 0,71$ out of the 120$. There’s a credit card associated with my account too and has been for two days. I do not know why it’s refusing to work now.

I’ve tried to let it rest and come back an hour later, without success or tried with a new API key.
Thanks in advance.

You can join many that have been cut off prematurely from using their purchased credit balance in the new prepayment system. A major bug.

For expedient support, message through the lower-right icon at, with full details that your account needs OpenAI Staff to correct the account balance credit usable and accounting malfunction.


Thank you for the fast reply ! I’ve already contacted the staff a few hours ago. I guess I’ll just have to wait until they fix the problem.

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hey is this problem that you mentioned fixed ?

The problem is in fact now solved, but it isn’t the first time that I couldn’t use the credits I had left. And I have no idea how it solved itself, I didn’t touch it for a few days.