Startup Here - Our OpenAi Credits Already Close To Expiring?

Hey everyone, we’re a startup that successfully got accepted to the Microsoft Startup Program which gave us $2,500 in OpenAi credits.

We’ve been hard at work building our service, researching, etc. The issue we’re having is we realized our $2,500 in credits is expiring November 1st!

These credits would be infinitely helpful as we’re both currently students. Is there any way to extend this credit deadline?

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You can ask Microsoft or OpenAI. Explain why your startup didn’t start up in a year. Perhaps you can apply again, or apply to research grant programs if you are in ML computer science, but you got in at a time before a quarter billion people had heard of ChatGPT.

Sufficient to say they do expire, and likely nobody on the forum can offer any advice of how they managed to get more free use.

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That’s the strange part, our credits were only given a 6 month expiration date.

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Unfortunately still no reply from OpenAi email support, I’ll try contacting Microsoft again I guess.

If there is an internal disconnect of who’s already been approved, you can apply again, now requiring a LinkedIn profile, and see what that gets you.

We are also facing the same issue. Our credits expire on 1 Dec, on the new usage dashboard I don’t see the expiration date as well.

Any update on this, Did they extend your deadline.

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Same here! Any update on this would be appreciate

@Arnab @devmangel

I contacted OpenAi support and they extended the credits for me until February! I tried contacting Microsoft support but they don’t control the credits (even though it was through their startup thing), so contact OpenAi support and pray.

How did you contact them. I have multiple tickets open from the Account Help section but no one responds. It has been 15 days