SOS, i need rules about OPENAI_2500usd

SOS, Emergency, I have obtained a business quota authorization of $2500, but I found that I am limited to 3 times per minute! How should I handle this restriction? I heard that the policy has been recently modified, and as long as I pay $50, I can increase the rate. But will I be subjected to an additional limit of $120? Can official personnel from OpenAI respond to me?

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This is really an account based set of issues, but I’ll go through them with you and then you can use the info at below to contact OpenAI.

The $2500 is a grant, either for startups or for R&D, it is typically valid for 12 months and does indeed have a monthly limit of $120, so you will need to apply for a usage increase here OpenAI Platform

For account related issues please use OpenAI Help Centre in the bottom right corner is a message icon. image click the icon and enter your issue, the bot will take your details and a member of the account support team will get back to you, it may take several weeks due to the number of people currently using the system.

I’d swear this is an AI from how irrelevant its answers are…

The limit is for free trial users. However, it previously could be lifted after inputting a payment card method (which wouldn’t be billed for your monthly usage until the grant was used up).

The new payment system this week is a bit different, requiring a $5 minimum prepay to buy credits. It might seem nonsensical, but if you are asked to complete this in order to add a credit card, you might have to pay for credits. This should also grant access to GPT-4.

At least the purchased credits should never expire, while the grant has a year.

Thank you, I have linked my credit card and made an additional $10 prepayment. Now there is a total balance of $2500 in my account. However, I am unable to use them all. When my usage reaches $120, I am restricted from continuing to use it.

Thank you. I’ve linked my credit card and made an additional $10 prepayment. Now there’s a total balance of $2500 in my account. However, I can’t use them all. When my usage reached $120, I was restricted from continuing to use it. I’ve applied for an increase in my usage limit, but I don’t know when I’ll get a response.

I have linked my credit card and made an additional $10 prepayment. Now there is a total balance of $2500 in my account. However, I am unable to use them all. When my usage reaches $120…
This is unreasonable

Yes, the monthly hard limit is only generally increased after you show a history of paying real bills by card.

Funny how that works. Almost like they don’t want to give away the free money.

Strategy: Ramp up your business’ paid usage as criteria for requesting and getting limit increases, get GPT-4, and only then apply for a startup grant.

However, amusingly enough, due to my consistent use of the free corporate quota, I don’t need to pay any bills… if they persist in not increasing my quota, I might have to watch it expire continually…

I’ve run into some troubles …who can help me?

On the usage limit page, you can make a request for monthly limit increase by the form, and make it known that you are a $2500 startup grant recipient as a reason why they might not see qualifying billing use for your VC application (and you also can’t generate it).

If you need some modifications done to your account beyond that, assistant messages.

A humorous thing is, I can’t get in touch with OpenAI. After exhausting my $120 account limit for this month, I applied for an increase. However, in an amusing turn of events, OpenAI rejected my application.

It appears I may not have successfully replied to your reply

The forum doesn’t show the little icon if you are replying to the person right above.

I’m really anxious right now, unable to get in touch with OpenAI’s customer service, or perhaps OpenAI doesn’t have a customer service at all.

Dear Foxanilo, i was wondering if you could assist me by providing an email address or contact information through which I can request an extension for the validity period of our grant. Currently, the grant is set to expire after 6 months, but we are hoping to extend it to 12 months. Such an extension would be extremely beneficial for our team, thank you!