OpenAI Team not responding to Usage limit increase

I’m feeling incredibly frustrated with how long the usage limit is taking to increase, I have emailed countless times since I believe thursday to no avail. I have paying customer using my business and I’ve had to shut my site down for several days. I’m not sure how this system is supposed to work but it only seems to hurt developers who can’t seem to increase their usage in time…

Im very grateful for this product and OpenAI but I really need my usage limit increased within the next day - I’m not sure how I’m supposed to justify this to my customers

And you wonder why they can’t respond to customers in a timely fashion??

Many have recently reported a much longer wait, so just be patient. Increasing usage and exposure to higher post-paid debtors doesn’t seem to be a high priority right now, and might even be a “wait list” type scenario if OpenAI doesn’t feel they have the resources to expand use.

The criteria was that you would need to have a history of successful payments and also a desired or interesting use for the service before an increase would be approved.

The place to request an increase is the link that is on the “hard limit” page of your account.

Make one increase request and forget about it. I’ve got my increase after 3 weeks. I have a suspicion that repeated requests only push back your orders.

For now, round up all available phone numbers, and make more accounts and cycle API keys. For a long term solution, applying for Azure OpenAI seems to be the consensus of this forum.

If you have one account, you can make one more using your phone number.

That is so incredibly unacceptable I cannot tell you. I have a strong launch which is being killed by OpenAI, thats really unfortunate and I believe i’ll be taking my business elsewhere

Can you please share with me how their making money? I have a Binance Smart Chain bep 20
Contract with ten million units and I have an incentives program I’m building. I would really like to expand
My knowledge and possibly offer help or an partnership for a new platform…