Seeking Guidance on API Quota with Free Credit Situation

I recently encountered a situation that I wanted to share and seek guidance on. I’ve attached a screenshot of an email I received from OpenAI regarding my API quota request.

I have a $2500 free usage credit, set to expire on January 1st, 2024. Given the current date and the $120 monthly cap, I’m concerned I won’t be able to maximize this credit before its expiration.

The catch is that since I’m using the free credit, there’s no payment history associated with my account. This seems to place me in a situation where I can’t get a quota increase due to the absence of a payment history, but I don’t have a payment history precisely because I’m using the free credit.

My usage has occasionally reached nearly $20 in a single day, so the current monthly limit does feel restrictive. I’m curious if anyone else has faced a similar situation or if there are any insights or workarounds that might help.

I appreciate any feedback or suggestions. Thank you for taking the time to read and assist.

Hi Evanux, welcome to the developer forum!

Have you tested your usage over an above the $120 limit? It would make sense that while using the grant there is only a soft limit up to the full $2500. I’ve not had the $2500 so I can’t be 100% sure.

I have tested it , I set my hard limit to $100 ,and now my usage exceeded $100 , then I cannot call the API , the system said that I have exceeded the quota.

Ok, understood, I’d reach out to support on and ask them the question, it’s an interesting one, I’ll bookmark this post and if I get any other info I’ll update you.

Hi there, we are facing a similar issue and even though we are reaching the monthly usage allowance, and our hard limit is set to the max we can’t continue using the API.

We already opened 3 requests for quota increase without any reply so we are unsure how to proceed.

Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!

Usage limit reviews typically require a months worth of usage data prior to the request being made, that being said there is no one on the forum that can alter account limits, payments methods, rate limits or any other change of a members account details, for that you should use the rate increase application form and

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