Slow reposnse and not uploading my topics just blank page!

Im noticing that the repornse is slow and Im facing issur to refresh the page to get my topics FYI it’s a paid subscription and this issue has been happening for the last 3 days!


I have the same today. I have the subscription, but the page is just blank! It was working some 20-30 min ago.


The same to me. I have just opened the chat and the page was like this. I sincerly don’t konw why…


Same issue with me also!!

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Same issue for me, checked their OpenAi Status page and looks like they are investigating.


Same. Seems to be a possible outage again

An update by OpenAI regarding increased ChatGPT error rates was just released.


You can stay up-to here:

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Thanks, sounds like an outage!

Estou enfrentando o mesmo problema tem uns 20 ou 30 minutos, página fica em branco, o GPT não responde e a conversa que estava tendo antes do problema sequer aparece no meu histórico

Same here

same issue here as well.
and what is this post must be at least 25 :smiling_face_with_tear:

Same thing here. I’m glad it’s not just me because I was abusing this bot and then suddenly it died.

down for me as well, just happened randomly, wasn’t doing anything special

same issue!!!

Does anyone know when the issue might be resolved? Like an estimated time or day?

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Back up for me! Thank god.

The same has occured with me and there are no responses upon typing prompts in the 4 or 4.0 version. There is absolutely no response and I continue getting this notification
Chat timed out

Same here! it’s been occuring for the past hour now.
I can’t access my chat history, or other gpts.

yeah same, oh god why it’s not working?

Same issue here as well.
I’m a paid User. I get a blank page.