Simple instructions and please: give me a link that works!


I saw that we can create our own GPT. I easily started mine. But, now, I’m stuck! I want to publish my GPT. I asked ChatGPT and it always refers to links that don’t have a “Publish Button”, or something similar.

What did I do wrong?

Please help me :smiley:


Welcome to the community!

top right, when you edit your custom gpt




For a new GPT, it appears differently:

1 >

2 >

3 >


If you wish to share to the store with a web site name instead of your personal name, you must have a domain you administer, and where you can place a TXT domain record as instructed. Then in ChatGPT settings, proceed through the GPT “Builder Profile” steps.

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I’m sorry, but I don’t have that when I edit my GPT…
On top right corner, I have “Create”, and “…” which sends to “Delete GPT”.

I verified my profile, with website, LinkedIn, and X.

This forum doesn’t allow me to send pictures…


Great! I clicked on “Create”, then selected “GPT Store”.

Thank you!