How do I finalize and publish my custom GPT

Do not know anything at all about coding and not that computer savvy. Just recently built a custom GPT. I’m having trouble publishing it due to the fact that I don’t know how to create a legit privacy policy as well as write down the ‘schema’ it’s asking for to finalize the GPT. Someone help please!

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You need to host your privacy policy on your own website. But you only need that if you actually do want to add an action. An action is an api call to an endpoint, and if you have that endpoint then you can generate a schema from that. But if you don’t want to connect an endpoint, you don’t need an action!

Not sure what an endpoint is or how to access that. I have created a website for my GPT, but do not know how to install my gpt into that website. I’ve watched numerous videos on YouTube but am still lost. Please excuse my ignorance. I am making the effort to learn though.

What does ChatGPT say? :wink:

I’m saying if you don’t know what it is, you can probably ignore actions.

To publish, just click “update”, top right, and click confirm:

that’s currently not possible with custom GPTs. you’ll need to look at assistants, but that’s gonna involve some code unless you can find a no-code platform that does this for you :confused:

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My “publish to the store” is greyed out… what are the steps I’m missing to get that available?