Sharing Chat History with workspace team

I started a new workspace with my partner. He is added as co-owner and I’ve migrated all of my chat history over to our workspace but he can’t see it yet. How does he get permissions to see the chats? What am I missing


I think this feature isn’t available yet.

New Team account you can’t see old chat history, but can easily toggle to personal account by clicking at bottom-left on my user name, all the history is still there.

I’m having a similar issue, and I would add that my partner and I aren’t able to see each other’s future chats neither. It’s a bit disappointing since In my understanding, the main purpose of a team workspace, was to have a common shared space for teams members chats. In my case, members environments are isolated from each others.

In the same boat. Not sure why I would pay for “Team Workspace” if the chats are not collaborative and shared. Major disappointment.

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I just got CONNED by OpenAI too as their marketing said a workspace allows you to collaborate between staff.

Created a Workspace, paid a small fortune, and now you CAN’T see each others chats!? WTF

You’re right. If chats are not shared, I don’t think there’s any need to sign up for the Team Plan. But, is this technically difficult to implement?