How Do We Regain Dev Privileges of Custom Plugins in the New ChatGPT Team Plan?

I just upgraded to the new Team version, but now I cannot dev or use all my custom plugins anymore, since instead of upgrading the account, the Team account is now new in OpenAI’s system.

Does anyone know how to fix this?


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Note: I do not have a ChatGPT Team account.

From what others have noted, you will have two ChatGPT accounts for the next week or two, the one you had before purchasing ChatGPT Team and now ChatGPT Team.


For all the ChatGPT Team links see

Thank you.

Someone at OpenAI is going to have to migrate that dev flag between user types, so we can retain current privileges in the new Team plan.

Otherwise custom/local plugins won’t run again in the upgraded workspaces.

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Actually, this is not a migration. It provides you with another workspace permanently, so you then have one for personal use and one for work.

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I have been testing this with the Team plan, my local plugin shows up in the plugins drop-down now, but the model cannot call it for some reason.

Other plugins seem to work. But the option to add local plugins is not in the plugins store pop up anymore.

And ChatGPT replies many times in a row, trying to call it. I counted up to 20 replies in a row, and the stop button is not enabled.

Seems that the new Team plan workspaces never got the updates that the personal workspaces got some months ago.

Maybe the team took an older repo version from the workspace codebase, because we have the old errors back where the backend is trying to use the OpenAI analytics tool vs plugins.

It is also making a huge mess in the UI cutting code blocks and skipping words all together.

Update on this. Still a problem.

There are no ways to add anymore custom plugins to the teams plan workspaces, and the current plugins don’t work, GPT4 refuses to use them even when they are obviously loaded in chat.

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Beta features is not an option in my Team plan. There is no way to add /manage Plugins.

Same problem for me! I am also not able to see GPTs created by teammembers. I have merged teamgpt and personal, but seems far more limited than my personal account was.

Will this be updated? Or will there be an option to restore pre-merging accounts[although documentation explicit stated no] but knowing what i know now back than would have prevented a merge as it said all options and features would merge with it.

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