Cannot edit/publish GPTs as a team

We subscribed ChatGPT team plan to edit and publish our GPTs in a collaborative manner.

However, even under the team workspace each GPT seems to belong to its individual creator and does not appear in ‘My GPTs’ page to other owners in the team.

Custom GPT has a publish option to share with anyone in the team, but it does not help when I want to edit the GPT with team, not just to talk to it.


Welcome. As it’s brand new, I’m not sure if Teams has this capability of if they’re working on it. I’ll see what I can hear…

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same problem here. I can create with my personal account, but when i tried to create with the team account. It faield all the time. please help…

Thanks for your update and using the tag chatgpt-team. As I do not have access to a ChatGPT Team account, I find this to be valuable feedback.

As a moderator I will do what I can to get this noticed by the OpenAI staff.

I am having the same issue. It appears there is supposed to be a group gpt workspace but I cannot see any other team members gpt’s. I can only see mine that are made in the workspace and my coworker can only see theirs.

We started the team version with the intention to collaborate and train other team members on how we want to prompt for results and it appears this functionality is not fully implemented.

In the ChatGPT Team plan, GPTs are initially managed by their individual creators. Collaborative editing is facilitated by the Owner of the Team workspace, who can reassign GPT ownership to different members. To do this, select “Manage Workspace” followed by “GPTs” from the Admin panel.

The designated builder can then edit and publish updates. For further collaboration, the Owner can repeatedly reassign the GPT to different members as needed for ongoing edits and improvements.

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Is there a plan to change this?

Toggling ownership among people seems a cumbersome way to collaborate.
Only allowing the Owner to toggle ownership is strange: why not admins?

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+1 for collaborative editing. I also intuitively expected that we’d be able to collaborate on custom GPTs. For example, we have a GPT Wallets Assistant GPT that people can ideally self-serve adding payment links, checking transaction balance etc. Very much in beta. My cofounder is working on the custom actions to make sure it’s speaking to our database properly, but I really want to focus on the prompt side.

I didn’t think about reassigning back and forth, will use this as a workaround

But hope to see collaborative editing / ownership soon :pray:

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Update: you can have more than 1 owner, so my second complaint was wrong :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the community @christopherhornby

Yes, toggling is a little cumbersome; however, I view it from a Project Management standpoint. Assuming one of the Team Owners is also a PM, they are able to assign specific update tasks to various team members, based on their domain experience, and control who is editing what when.

With this method, you can ensure each update does not cause breakage before continuing with changes. Also, it helps to avoid both the potential for multiple edits to be happening simultaneously as well as less experienced Team members performing some action that completely wipes or dramatically changes (as using the builder assistant chat tends to do) the CI set for the GPT.

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Thanks everyone. We too just got started with ChatGPT Teams and are completely underwhelmed with the way the entire “Teams” concept is implemented.

I created a GPT and shared it with the entire team (under GPT select the three dots menu next to the GPT and change Access to entire team). Gues What? It is nowhere to be found by other team members. Not in the side bar, not under My GPTs, not even under Shared with me.

So how do team members “discover” the GPTs created by other team members and explicitly shared with them??

You can share the link to a GPT directly with any teammate, and they can begin a conversation with it and add it to their sidebar. However, if that is not working for you:

Once you have set the share access to any member of the workspace here:

Your team can select ‘Explore GPTs’ from their sidebar and should find a list of all workspace approved or created GPTs halfway down the page, here:

Hope that helps!

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Yes! Thank you! My issue was that I needed to click on the Create button in my GPT to actually Publish the GPT! My bad I guess. I has set all the appropriate sharing levels but needed that extra step to Save/Publish.