Service about to stop because of the $120 limit

Hi guys,

Hope you’re well. Hoping to get the attention of someone from Open AI. I submitted a chat in HelpCentre, but it said that the estimated callback time is about a week, and this would be too late by then. Would appreciate any support.

We recently launched our web app ( and it has had much more traffic than anticipated. The main issue is that we will hit the $120 quota by the end of today, at which point, our service will stop completely. I submitted the quota increase form yesterday. Is there any way to expedite the approval process to keep our system running?

Secondly, we’re being limited by the Whisper API rate limit. I was wondering whether there’s any chance you’re able to increase it from 50 to 200 per min for some businesses?

Really love the products, and would be grateful for any support.


Welcome to the developer forum, Chris.

Unfortunately there is no one here who can make any changes to account level details like limits and rates, that is all done via There is a finite amount of compute that gets added to all the time, the difficulty is balancing all of the new developers to this very popular service with that compute. I wish you well.

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See Contact sales

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Thanks Eric and Foxabilo. Had submitted the quota form and messaged on, but hadn’t tried sales. Now done.

And I wouldn’t be too optimistic, especially if you are near hard limit as of Aug 4.

The support is taxed, and the computing is taxed. If everybody got a 4x increase and actually used that to 2x — that’s building another identical multimillion-dollar AI datacenter to handle that doubling of requests - with GPUs unobtainable. I suspect that’s why increases have seemingly been “wait listed”, (while the algorithmic changes to models have probably staved off a quadrupling of required capacity via lower memory and server footprints and faster low-quality generation.)

For single app business AI workload, that’s a good case to apply for Azure OpenAI services, also taking some time for the application to go through, but with $10 billion from Microsoft to OpenAI seemingly letting Microsoft hog cloud compute for themselves, you get higher service levels.

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Okay, thanks. That’s good to know. Do you know whether Azure has Whisper API in its repertoire?

Slightly tangential to the topic at hand, but your site appears down without the “www.” subdomain, which in bird culture is generally considered a poor move.

Just figured you might want to get a redirect setup. Love the idea and the simplicity of the site! Nice to see another small (-ish, sounds like you’re about a step from blowing up a bit if you can get this quota figured out) creator who ignores the bloated but “popular” web frameworks.

Good luck.

Any chance I can get a demo of this?
Love the idea behind it

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah it’s a bit embarrassing - I launched it expecting to get no traffic, so hadn’t even configured the root domain yet. It’s on my ever-growing to-do list