Overcoming Unresponsive Support and Rate Limit Issues

Hello OpenAI Community,

We are a language learning startup using GPT and Whisper to provide real-time interactive user experiences. With tens of thousands of daily user sessions, managing our rate limits has become a critical challenge. We stumbled across the default Whisper rate limit: 50 RPM and desperately need an increase to reflect our growing traffic.

Our numerous efforts to contact OpenAI for support include:

  1. Multiple email attempts to support@openai.com

  2. Over 15 submissions of rate limit increase forms, providing varied supporting evidence

  3. Engaging the help chatbot from the OpenAI console

  4. Attempting to reach the sales team

Unfortunately, our requests over the past 3 months have gone unanswered.

To cope with these limitations, we have had to intentionally reduce our traffic. This constraint is now directly impacting our growth, with a resulting revenue loss. As we anticipate significant user growth in the upcoming months, the current situation is not sustainable, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to rely on OpenAI as a partner due to unresponsive support.

We kindly request your help – if you have previously experienced similar support issues, please share any advice or avenues for successfully reaching OpenAI support, at least getting any sane answer.

Thank you!