How long to Approve a raise in Quota?

Hey, I have hit my 120$ upper limit quota, and likely to continue hitting it as my App has 8k users. How long does it take to get this raised as the app currently doesn’t work and is impacting my user base?

I hope someone can help :slight_smile:


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Anyone? My app has been down a few hours at this stage

Hi @keith_knox2

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Quoting straight from doca:

Keep in mind that rate limit increases can sometimes take 7-10 days so it makes sense to try and plan ahead and submit early if there is data to support you will reach your rate limit given your current growth numbers.

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Well first, congrats on 8k users. I’d move to Azure if you have that many users.

Here is their pricing: Azure OpenAI Service - Pricing
Here is their application process: Limited access to Azure OpenAI Service

I wouldn’t stay on OpenAI. They are more research oriented and their stuff will understandably go down quite a bit. Microsoft has a bunch of redundancies and lots of customer support to get you back up and running if something happens. So I would migrate as soon as possible.


Hey, thanks a lot ! Wow and really interesting. I have never considered moving to Azure as I always thought being at OpenAi was the source… interesting.

How’s the speed of the API from Azure? Do you notice down time?

Thanks so much, very useful info

I’m just using GPT for research and development right now, so I am not actually using the Azure version yet. I’m just using OpenAIs. But I have used Azure cognitive services before for image classification and voice to text with the Hololens, very performant and stable. Most of the services have global coverage too. Their AOAI service only has 3 server locations right now though. 2 US and 1 Europe, but still usable in most places.

I will say though, someone mentioned today that they have a multistep process and this is the first time I’ve seen Microsoft be so picky about who gets early access to a new service. I think they probably feel they are going to have to play it safe as to not spook legislatures or the public. So, I signed up today because I don’t know how long they are going to be going to keep this open.

I know OpenAI puts pressure on them to slow down access and have been vocal about it. So if you have a registered company and website, I’d sign up soon. I already have a company, I do a lot of freelance and contract work, sometimes subcontract work for government contracts. So if you can, get set up as quick as possible.

Awesome thanks a lot ! Really useful info… I will look into this ASAP. Sometimes I find the response times to be ok but other times they fail, timeout or don’t work. I have access to GPT4 API but it is very slow, but it’s great to see what it is capable of so can’t complain. I guess it’s just because everyone is talking about ChatGPT and there’s a million apps, plugins and websites popping up daily :joy::joy::clap::clap:

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What is your app btw?

I’m good at the whole programming side of business but always suck at reading the room and getting users. So to me 8k users is pretty awesome.

Cool, it’s called EZAi - I actually had it built in July/August last year as an App that is affordable compared to and Jasper. At that time there were no Apps on mobile like and Jasper so I seen an opening … But was forced to release in December as ChatGPT blew up and suddenly made my App less relevant ! It’s going ok for now… but who knows about the longevity. It’s on iOS and Android

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I should have shared a link :

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Hi Keith,

How long did it take OpenAI to increase the $120 limit for you, if you don’t mind me asking?