I was thinking how much data is big data we have 1m queries a day and roughly open ai return us half a billion words a day

Hey folks,

I’m thrilled to share the remarkable progress we’ve made with the OpenAI API as a client for our app School Hack. In just 5 months, we’ve seen an incredible surge in usage, with a staggering 1 million queries per day. Our ability to scale and handle this unprecedented demand has been truly impressive.

What’s even more exciting is that we’ve been able to fine-tune our agents without relying on weights. This innovative approach has allowed us to optimize our performance and deliver exceptional results to our users. With 1.5 million users and a million queries per day, we are confident in the scalability and effectiveness of our app.

However, as we continue to grow and expand, we’ve encountered a slight challenge in reaching out to OpenAI for support and discussions regarding rate limits and enterprise plans. We firmly believe that as a company ready to make a deal and scale further, having a dedicated point of contact at OpenAI would greatly enhance our long-term goals and foster a strong customer relationship.

While we eagerly await a response from OpenAI, we are also aware that competition in the market will inevitably increase with the release of Gemini or Llama 3. Nevertheless, we remain optimistic about the potential collaboration with OpenAI and the opportunities it presents to stay ahead of the curve.

I’m genuinely excited to hear back from OpenAI soon so that we can explore the possibilities of leveraging their expertise to propel our app to new heights.

Hi Muhammed,

Great to see that you application is taking off! One of the challenges facing developers at the moment is effective scaling. OpenAI has millions of developers and a limited number of support staff available to review and assess rate limits and usage, this will undoubtedly get better as the company grows, but for now it can be frustrating waiting.

Community Champions try to ensure that developer pain points are know by OpenAI and I can assure you they are aware of the issue. It should also be noted that the developer forum is aimed at technical issue support and that account management issues such as rate limits and usage limits have their own dedicated teams that you access via the limit increase request form (OpenAI Platform).

Hopefully your application for limit increases is reviewed quickly, but you should bare in mind that resources are finite and need to be distributed and balanced to ensure that all users of the AI models have performant access.